Intermodal trucking and drayage have developed a reputation for being reliable and economical. However, due to a growing number of containers in ports, like the Port of Mobile, Alabama, the transportation strategy faces challenges like significant congestion in seaports, expensive container rentals and chassis, truck driver shortages, and more.

So, how do you carefully guide your company through the intermodal trucking and drayage challenges at the Port of Mobile, Alabama?

Capacity and Congestion Challenges

The Port of Mobile has one distinct advantage over many other US ports and that advantage is literally deepening. The Port of Mobile currently boasts a 45’ channel and turn basin depth. Work to bring that depth to 50’ begins in the Spring of 2021 and is expected to be complete by 2025. With the expansion of the Panama Canal allowing larger “New Panamax” ships into the Gulf of Mexico and to the East Coast from Pacific port origins, those US ports with sufficient depth to handle the larger ships will be the beneficiaries as shippers will seek to reduce their ocean costs. The larger the steamship, the lower the ocean rates per TEU (20’ Equivalent Unit).

Because the West Coast ports have had sufficient depth for years, the race to 50’ will represent a shift of TEU’s from West Coast ports to Gulf and East Coast Ports. The primary port competitors for the Port of Mobile are Jacksonville, Savannah and Charleston. While Charleston will have 52’ depth by 2022, Jacksonville, nor Savannah, have any plans to reach 50’. Therefore, Mobile should be one of a few primary beneficiaries of the shift of TEUs from West Coast to East Coast.

This influx of volume will create some imbalances and one of those will be a shortage of drayage capacity.

By partnering with a company like BR Williams, you can avoid drayage capacity shortages at the Port of Mobile.

BR Williams’ Mobile, Alabama warehousing distribution center is located near the Port of Mobile with easy access to major highways. Once your container arrives at the Port of Mobile, BR Williams will locally dray the container directly to their secure distribution facility.

Not to mention, the BR Williams team can also bring palletized products from your location in 53-foot vans to its Mobile, AL warehouse location. From there, professionals transload or cross-dock your palletized shipment to a container and then return the container to APM Terminals in Mobile.

Costly Container Rentals and Chassis

While shippers struggle with the Port of Mobile’s capacity shortage, another challenge is finding chassis to put under the containers or even the containers themselves. The rental containers and chassis available at the Port of Mobile can be expensive.

Rather than worry about rising container rental costs and chassis availability, working with a third-party logistics provider like BR Williams can keep your intermodal moves as efficient and cost-effective as possible. 

BR Williams provides container drayage as well as the actual containers and chassis. We also provide:

  • Cross-docking
  • Warehousing
  • Distribution
  • LCL consolidation
  • Kitting and packaging
  • Container stripping and stuffing
  • Break bulk
  • Other logistics services

Combining your intermodal trucking and drayage with warehousing and distribution service can transform your supply chain with efficiency and effectiveness.

Stop stressing over challenges like finding qualified drivers, costly container rentals, or capacity. Instead, let BR Williams and its Mobile, Alabama warehousing/distribution/fulfillment center tackle your intermodal trucking and drayage needs. BR Williams services the southeast region of the U.S. with an intermodal team offering the highest standard of customer service. Contact BR Williams to explore how you can streamline your supply chain today.

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