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Any business can say they take care of its employees. Don’t just take it from us, let our employees do the talking…

“I have really enjoyed working at BR Williams. This company really cares about it’s employees and is family oriented. There have been several occasion where I ran into some personal issues with my family and had to come in either late or early and BR did not hesitate to accommodate me. It really makes a difference to know that the company you work for cares about you and improves moral.”

Brad Shirvinski
BR Williams Driver

“I am truly honored to work for such a wonderful, family oriented company. BR Williams has always been great at allowing me to be off when needed so I can have a postive work-life balance. I am grateful to work for a company who has given me the opportunity to grow and learn under the direction of amazing leadership.” 

Misty Beadles | Customer Service Supervisor

What Our Customers Are Saying About Our Employees

Michael McEvoy, thank you and all that you do over at BR Williams. I know you come in early and work very late trying to make sure these parts are sent to ELP. He also calls Matthew and myself late at night and talks to us about issues that have risen. For all of you that don’t know, Michael and his wife just had their 3rd child. He only took off 2 days a couple of weeks ago while his child was being born. Honestly, he didn’t totally take those days off. He stilled called from the hospital and home to make sure everything was running right. So I wanted to say that we here at HMA really appreciate you, Michael. you went above and beyond where most of us would have went.

Greg England, Honda, Delivery and Logistics Manager

First perfect score that I can ever remember for BRW Cycle Count – Thank you and your team!

Andrew Auchey, Masterbrand

I also want to thank Brand on 3rd Shift. He does the ELP on 3rd shift. Antwone and Brian both do a great job for us also. But Brandon has got the bad end of the business nearly daily for a while. He has been the fortunate one to have ELP run on all 3 lines at the same time on 3rd shift many times here lately. That takes some talent. More importantly to my knowledge, he has done it safely. Brandon, we appreciate all that you do and we will try to get the ELP caught back up and share some of the production with the other 2 shifts a little more.

Greg England, Honda, Delivery and Logistics Manager

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