BR Williams Safety Standards

Before we allow a truck driver to get on the road, they go through a stringent system of training and testing to ensure we have the most competent drivers and that they uphold the integrity of our company on and off of the road. Our shop and warehouse professionals are held to the same standard. We continually monitor our processes and procedures to provide our customer with the most efficient and effective service possible with Safety as our first priority.

Compliance Safety Accountability (CSA) is the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s (FMCSA) safety compliance and enforcement program. FMCSA is promoting safety compliance to help keep our Nation’s roadways safer for everyone.

As a carrier, we are scored every month based on the 7 “BASICS” Measurements and we continue to impress ourselves with our safety standards.

The 7 BASICS Measured by CSA:

  1. Unsafe Driving
  2. Fatigued Driving (Hours-of-Service)
  3. Driver Fitness
  4. Controlled Substances/Alcohol
  5. Vehicle Maintenance
  6. Cargo-Related
  7. Crash Indicator

We take safety very seriously. Please contact our Safety Department at (256) 645-8199 if you would like to have more information about our procedures or have a question/comment.

Our Standard of Excellence

ISO Certification

Company Awards

Quality Policy

Million Mile Club

The Million Mile Club includes those drivers that have driven over 1,000,000 miles without a preventable accident with a cost over $200.00.

Tracy Lambert ~ Mike Reitz ~ Tommy Pope ~ Paul Beasley ~ Steven Curtis ~ Jim Duncan ~ Jon Ellison ~ Gary Gable ~ David Gaddis ~ Bryan Moore ~ John Nelson ~ Robert Parris ~ Elvin Perez ~ Daniel Jones ~ Gary Smith ~ Wayne Spears ~ Gerald Spratlin ~ Tim Traylor ~ Ralph Bradley ~ Ken Garrett ~ Johnny Sanders ~ Patrick Betz  ~ Scottye Gann Jr. ~ Telath Holland 

Congratulations to our First Female Million Mile Driver… Connie Dotson!

2018/2019 Safety Award Winners

By Hours

52,500 Hours
Cedric Parker (Eastaboga, AL)

50,000 Hours
Bard Humphries (Eastaboga, AL)
Emory Lyner (Anniston, AL – West)

47,500 Hours
Andy Waddell (Oxford, AL)

45,000 Hours
Marshall Pitts (Oxford, AL)

37,500 Hours
Isaih Riggins (Spotters)
Scott Diggs (Anniston, AL – West)
Tommy Arrington (Spotters)

30,000 Hours
Patrick Betz (Oxford, AL)
Robert Almon (Anniston, AL – West)

25,000 Hours
Cristi Rainey (Anniston, AL – West)
Keelan Taylor (Eastaboga, AL)

22,500 Hours
Buddy Butterworth (Anniston, AL – West)
Chris Friar (Oxford, AL)
Melody Gaddis (Anniston, AL – West)
Mike Rollins (Anniston, AL – West)
Scottye Gann (Oxford, AL)

20,000 Hours
Cathey Smith (Anniston, AL – West)
Chris Morgan (Oxford, AL)
Gloria Johnson (Anniston, AL – West)
James Stanford (Spotters)
Rob Coppock (Oxford, AL)

17,500 Hours
William Gaddis (Eastaboga, AL)

15,000 Hours
Alfred Henderson (Oxford, AL)
James Lipham (Eastaboga, AL)
Jarrell Gladden (Oxford, AL)
Misty Beadles (Anniston, AL – West)

12,500 Hours
Chris Densmore (Anniston, AL – West)
Tommy Love (Eastaboga, AL)
Tracy O’Neal (Oxford, AL)

10,000 Hours
Anthony Willingham (Oxford, AL)
Dana Reid (Anniston, AL – West)
Douglas Bonds (Anniston, AL – West)
Ronnie Love (Eastaboga, AL)
Ruby Frazier (Anniston, AL – West)

7,500 Hours
Alan Huff (Piedmont, AL)
Barry Davis (Anniston, AL – West)
David Yeager (Oxford, AL)
Edward Schifferle (Oxford, AL)
Joshua Williams (Oxford, AL)
Michael McEvoy (Eastaboga, AL)

5,000 Hours
Aron Dunn (Oxford, AL)
Jeanne Regnier (Eastaboga, AL)
Jexie Ball (Oxford, AL)
Joshua Braden (Eastaboga, AL)
Richard Kotlowski (Anniston, AL – West)

2,500 Hours
Chris Brown (Tallahassee, FL)
Deebra Williams (Anniston, AL – West)
Derrick Vanover (Anniston, AL – West)
Lenore Williams (Tallahassee, FL)
Phillip Munn (Spotters)
Travante Johnson (Anniston, AL – West)


By Miles

2,500,000 Miles
Jim Duncan (Over the Road)

2,000,000 Miles
Bryan Moore (Regional)

1,750,000 Miles
Tim Traylor (Regional)
Gary Gable (Over the Road)

1,500,000 Miles
Steven Curtis (Regional)
Johnny Sanders (Part-Time)

1,250,000 Miles
Telath Holland (Regional)
Tracy Lambert (Long Haul Operator)

1,000,000 Miles
David Austin (Over the Road)
Kenneth Garrett (Over the Road)
Raymond Tucker (Owner-Operator)

750,000 Miles
J P Rogerson (Local Honda)
Daniel Jones (Over the Road)

500,000 Miles
Lorraine Ruloph (Over the Road)
Paul Adair (Regional)
James Jarrell (Long Haul Operator)
Phillip Hale (Long Haul Operator)
Lynn Areno (Owner-Operator)
Varon Cook (Part-Time)

250,000 Miles
Angela Holt (Over the Road)
Patrick Jones (Over the Road)
Dean Morris (Long Haul Operator)
Andria Ball (Over the Road)
Danny Mahan (Over the Road)
Jerome Ball (Over the Road)
Daniel Taylor (Long Haul Operator)
Lelas Greene (Long Haul Operator)
Keith Penn (Over the Road)
Dan Blackburn (Part-Time)
Robert Moore (Part-Time)

100,000 Miles
Michael Areno (Owner-Operator)
David Gaddis (Regional)
Don Boehm (Over the Road)
Don Freida (Long Haul Operator)
Elvin Perez (Over the Road)
Mose Howa (Part-Time)
Jimmy Summerlin (Long Haul Operator)
Krista Brunt (Long Haul Operator)
Larry Jones (Long Haul Operator)
Margaret Carlisle (Long Haul Operator)
Mary Corke (Long Haul Operator)
Michael Watters (Long Haul Operator)
Tommy Pope (Part-Time)
Ronald Clark (Long Haul Operator)
Stanley Funderburg (Long Haul Operator)

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DOT Employment Verifications

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