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Are you tired of year-round expenses and hassles to protect your cargo from freezing?

Our solution solves this problem manufacturers and distributors face while saving them thousands of dollars. At BR Williams, we take great pride in our freeze protection services that go above and beyond to ensure the safe transportation of your goods. Our signature solution is designed to deliver exceptional results at markedly reduced cost and provide you with peace of mind, and guess what… it DOES NOT include year-round reefers (TCU) or turning over your carrier base twice annually!

What Makes BR Williams Freeze Protection Services Stand Out?

Our process is designed to deliver exceptional results and provide you with peace of mind.

  • Not one truckload claim due to weather damage
  • Failsafe process developed over 10 years and thousands of truckloads
  • Our Certified Transportation Brokers execute redundant protocols to ensure that the right solution is selected for each and every truckload individually.
  • We have saved our customers, whose products need extra freeze protect solutions, millions of dollars and trillions of headaches

Choose BR Williams for comprehensive freeze protection services that set us apart. Experience the difference our expertise, customized solutions, reliability, and customer-centric approach can make in safeguarding your goods during transportation. Contact us today to discuss your freeze protection needs.

A BR Williams temperature controlled truck delivering a shipment to a client.

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About BR Williams

At BR Williams, we have been the trusted name in transportation since 1958. Our Freeze Protection Program, developed in 2013 and refined over the years, has a 100% success rate with over 10,000 protected truckloads. Our logistics teams embody our core values of Honesty, Integrity, and Service, delivering value to our clients through optimal pricing, exceptional service, and proactive communications. Partner with us and benefit from our time-tested protocols and exceptional customer service.

Are You Ready to Safeguard Your Goods from Freezing During Transport?

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How can freeze damage impact my business?

Freeze damage can result in significant financial losses as goods can be rendered unusable or spoiled. It can also pose health risks to consumers, leading to potential legal consequences and damaging your brand reputation.

What makes BR Williams’ freeze protection services the ideal choice?

Our freeze protection services offer cost-effective solutions without the need for year-round TCUs or frequent carrier turnover.

How do I know if my goods require freeze protection?

If your products are susceptible to freeze damage or have temperature requirements, our freeze protection services are crucial to ensure their safe transportation.

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