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A high stakes, high visibility project was providing a unique set of challenges. One of those challenges was the cargo ranged from a massive 48,000 lb. die cast tool (worth over 1 million dollars) to a small robotics repair kit the size of a lunchbox.

Transfer would involve BR Williams designing and managing multiple transportation solutions and an experienced brokerage staff in house to handle complex requirements. They key milestone was the day before Christmas eve…

Drayage Capacity in the Port of Mobile Is Sparse.

The Port of Mobile suffers from a drayage capacity shortage and expensive container rentals and chassis.

Alternative options such as cross-docking can help you streamline your services, and open up your logistics portfolio to the advantages Port of Mobile offers:

  • 5 Class 1 railroads – with easy reach to Mexico, Canada, and the midwestern and southeastern United States
  • 4 short line railroads, including our port-owned and -operated terminal railroad
  • One marine highway to Mexico
  • I-10 and I-65 interstate highways
  • Over 15,000 miles of inland and Intracoastal waterways


Intermodal Trucking Services - Container Drayage at Port of Mobile

The Expert Team at BR Williams Can Help You with Cost-Effective Solutions.

Once your container arrives at the Port, we have the capacity to locally dray the container directly to our Mobile, AL Distribution Center & Warehouse.

Our Unique Intermodal Trucking & Drayage Services Give You

More Consistency

Predictable Pricing

More Transparency

Custom Solutions

For Your Palletized Products, BR Williams Cross-Docking Services Make It Easy.

This option ensures your containers are loaded and delivered to the Port of Mobile on time and with no extra cost! Here’s how we do it:



Return to Port

You can have less hassle and smarter drayage.

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Warehousing and Distribution Strategically Located in Mobile County

Because our warehouse and distribution facility in Mobile, AL is strategically located in Mobile County, it allows for easy access to I-65, I-10, I-165, and Highway 43. We service the entire southeast region of the USA and our intermodal team is committed to providing the highest standard of customer service.

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BR Williams truck picking up cargo in the Port of Mobile - parts shipping

Our Services

With a drayage capacity shortage at the Port of Mobile and container rentals/chassis being so expensive, BR Williams professionals can help you with cost-effective solutions. We do more than intermodal container hauling. As an added value, our warehouse and distribution center in Mobile, Alabama offers the following services:

You can have less hassle and smarter drayage.

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Key Features of Intermodal Trucking, Drayage & Cross-Docking Services

Superior Customer Service

We treat our intermodal and drayage carriers better than they would like to be treated. Our shipping customers benefit from a higher percentage of on-time pick-ups and deliveries, less volatile rates, less volatile access to capacity, and lower claims ratio.

Tracking Portal

We offer unparalleled customer access to the tracking information and documents that they need. Our tracking portal gives direct access to all loads, past present and future as well as current status and location history.

White Glove Care & Appreciation

Our core values of Honesty, Integrity, and Service are the heart of our company (which was founded in 1958). Every driver that picks up and delivers a customer’s freight cares for it like it’s their own.

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Shipment Status & Tracking

Customers can check on the status of their shipments through our online customer load tracking system so that you can always see where your products are!

Inventory Accuracy

With complete visibility throughout your supply chain, we use our warehouse management system (WMS) portal to enter all units/parts and track all inventory as it comes in, while it is in our facility and when it is shipped out.

Program Management

We provide customized warehousing and distribution solutions to meet the needs of all our customers. From one box, to thousands of individual parts or pallets, we can handle all aspects of receiving and order fulfillment based on the unique demands of your business.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are you asset-based or non-asset based?

BR Williams is asset-based with our own warehouse space and trucks.

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Do you offer any solutions to the drayage capacity shortage in the Port of Mobile?

We offer cost-effective intermodal trucking and drayage container solutions to address the drayage capacity shortage and expensive container rentals/ chassis at the Port of Mobile.

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Do you carry liability insurance?

Yes, we offer up to $500,000 in liability insurance.

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What intermodal trucking, drayage & cross-docking services do you offer?

BR Williams warehouse and distribution center in Mobile, AL offers the following services:, Container Drayage, Cross Docking Warehouse & Services, Distribution, LCL Consolidation, Kitting & Packaging, Container Stripping & Stuffing, and Truckload Freight Services.

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What are the key features of BR Williams’ intermodal trucking and drayage services?

We offer shipment status and tracking, inventory accuracy, program management, superior customer service, an online tracking portal, and white glove appreciation and care.

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What different types of equipment do you have?

While BR Williams is a dry van only fleet, we move flatbeds every day with our contract partner carriers (Logistics Division).

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Can you provide cold storage in warehousing?

No, we cannot, though we do broker cold storage trucks through our Logistics Services.

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Do you provide load tracking?

Yes, shipments can easily be tracked through our website. Here’s load tracking and inventory tracking.

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Are the BR Williams warehouses bonded?

We are currently not operating as a bonded free trade zone warehouse solely due to the lack of necessity of any of our current customer base.  We look forward to completing the process of becoming a bonded warehouse once our customers or future customer has a need for this designation.  For those that would like to learn more about a bonded warehouse, please refer to this link:

U (


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How do I view my warehouse inventory online?

Customers can log into our WMS Portal on our website to view their inventory.

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Are you ISO 9001:2015 Certified?

Yes we are! The ISO 9000 certification is a series of quality standards that outline the requirements for quality management systems. These were developed to promote worldwide standards for management of quality. We received our initial certification April 10, 2002 by our registrar NSF International Strategic Registrations, LTD. Currently, we are in good standing. An auditor from NSF-ISR conducts regular surveillance audits and re-assessment audits to examine our quality system for compliance. We use this certification within BR Williams to develop, implement, and improve the effectiveness of the processes and procedures to assure consistent quality service to our customers.

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Automotive  Manufacturing Supply Chain Management Services

Alabama is home to several major automotive manufacturing and assembly plants.

BR Williams provides dedicated supply chain management services for the automobile industry.

Want to Lower Your Intermodal & Drayage Costs?

In the world of shipping and logistics, intermodal drayage and cross-docking are common terms used to describe the specific way that freight is being transported. Learn how you can help lower your firm’s intermodal and drayage costs.

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About BR Williams

BR Williams is a complete supply chain service provider serving the USA. We began our trucking division in 1958 and expanded into warehousing/distribution in 1992. Our family-owned business now have six distribution centers located across Southeast United States. We provide top notch truckload servicefreight transportation3rd-party logistics (3PL)distribution managementwarehousingcross-docking servicesintermodal trucking, and drayage services.

With locations in Mobile ALPiedmont, ALTallahassee, FL; Anniston, AL (two facilities); Eastaboga, AL; and Oxford, AL, BR Williams’ distribution network supports over 50 customers and another 2,500 in the Trucking and Logistics divisions. The industries we serve include: automotive, defense, home improvement, education, food raw materials, textiles, chemical, industrial packaging, metals (finished goods), highway safety and more.

We are held to highest level of standard under the 9001:2015 Quality System Registration and are constantly improving and streamlining our policies and procedures.

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Our Mobile, AL Location

Contact Information:

Phone: (251) 345-6825
 (800) 523-7963

5360 Commerce Blvd. East
Mobile, AL 36619

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