James Rogerson
James R.
16:46 22 Jul 20
A great company to work for!
Vernon Hines
Vernon H.
21:27 21 Jul 20
Quik service
Robert Stoner
Robert S.
21:44 20 Jul 20
Ok, but kinda slow.
Lindsay J
Lindsay J
01:24 20 Jul 20
BR Williams can meet all your trucking, warehousing, & logistics needs.
JW Johnny Sanders
JW Johnny S.
15:03 28 May 20
I’ve been with this company going on 14 years. Over the past 4 decades I’ve worked for several companies and I can honestly say that never have I had the respect, gratitude or confidence that this company has shown in me. A the same goes for everyone who is or has worked with BR Williams. And especially since the Covid 19 outbreak. It is still shocking that management has bent over backwards to help each and every employee during this trying time. Yes there are other companies that have attempted the same, but BR Williams has succeeded. I’ve always been there to help anyway I could, down to donations to different people who due to some misfortune needed help, myself and other drivers dedicated a monument to the original owners of which I praise management for allowing us a spot on their property to place the monument along with a tree to remember the dedicatio.n Mrs Williams had with charities she loved. 1 to 5 Stars doesn’t nearly cover their dedicated staff and Owners. I’ll give them a 99.9 Love my family away from my other family . The extras that they add make up for alot of shortcomings that other companies fail to provide. Always be #1 in my book !!!!!!
Brock Starman Duncan
Brock Starman D.
16:39 26 May 20
been working for b.r.williams trucking for 20yrs, and its been the best 20yrs man could ever ask for! Greg brown has done so much for all of his employees, even though this Pandemic he has stayed true to his family and made sure drivers and others didn’t miss a paycheck….at the end of this mess there will slot trucking companies gone under! but the one company that will be still standing afterwards, will B.R.WILLIAMS TRUCKING COMPANY!!! if you need a load covered or you need a job I recommend you come join b.r.williams trucking company. we are more then co-workers here we family!!!
Eric Freeman
Eric F.
15:43 26 May 20
I love this company so much and Im always proud to talk about it and our leadership with other truckers. Our reputation proceeds itself. When I see what other companies do to their drivers it really breaks my heart. To Greg Steven Shannon our dispatch and everyone THANK YOU! It feels great to work for someone that actually cares about us and Ive worked for some doozies. We are all BLESSED
Reggie Garrett
Reggie G.
13:38 26 May 20
I have been working here 8 year’s this has turned out to be one of the best decisions I’ve made everyone here is friendly and they always have time to listen to any issue that you have i highly recommend anyone looking for a great opportunity to come here you will not regret that decision
Jon Ellison
Jon E.
19:50 18 May 20
Great people to work with and for.
Jessica Leberte
Jessica L.
02:28 16 Mar 20
BR Williams is a wonderful company to work for. You are not just another number at BRW, you are family!
John Barbarisi
John B.
22:10 11 Mar 20
Fast unload
komi sogbo
komi S.
17:57 20 Feb 20
Quick in & Out.
Robin Hodges
Robin H.
22:08 28 Jan 20
I have worked for a Trucking company for 16 years and 10 of those years, I have booked loads for my drivers with BR Williams. B.R. Williams has a wonderful staff and are always very helpful!!!
Sonya Lowe
Sonya L.
21:00 28 Jan 20
Wonderful people , so easy to work with. Want a reputable broker try these guys they are an awesome bunch of folks!
Jamie Wenthe
Jamie W.
20:42 28 Jan 20
Love working with these guys!! They are pretty great!!!!
Vladimir Georgiev
Vladimir G.
20:25 28 Jan 20
My name is Mike Georgiev and i represent S&T Transport and I have worked with Johnny and Chris at Br Williams for the past 7 years . Whatever i say will not be enough. Never had a single problem and if that happen they always stay on top of it and everything has been resolved so quick . I am glad that i have a chance to work with people like them. The team at BR Williams is great . I personally wish that there is more great companies like them .Unfortunately there is only a few left and they are one of them . I wish them good look and prosperity and health in the future for more coming business in . The company is build on honesty , logistic and professionalism . Keep the good work guys , We at S&T Transport will always serve you and make you and your costumers happy 🙂
scott kalcic
scott K.
19:47 28 Jan 20
Always a pleasure to work with! Friendly personalities and great at communicating
Will Montgomery
Will M.
18:39 28 Jan 20
I interned with them during college and my current employer utilizes their services. They are great people to work with and always provide high quality customer service.
Sadco Truck
Sadco T.
18:18 28 Jan 20
Great broker company to book loads with. Always accomodating us carriers to pick up and deliver loads. Help us when we need the helpThank you guys— Kenton, Johnny, Grenda… best team ever !!!—Espy and Jay —Sadco, INC
Robert Evans
Robert E.
18:03 28 Jan 20
I’ve been working with BR Williams Trucking for almost eight years now. The consistency of freight lanes falls in line with consistent pay and volume of loads to allow our business relationship to not only be steady, but actually grow over that time as well. I look forward to continuing down this road we’ve built together with their logistics team, but I especially thank the efforts put forward by Johnny Ross, Kenton Sprayberry, Andrew Gilmore and the many more that make up the team at BR Williams.
Michael Ward
Michael W.
18:03 28 Jan 20
Awesome company to work with. Fair rates and helps get our drivers home. Everyone is super nice to work with!
Jim Hopkins
Jim H.
17:56 28 Jan 20
We deliver here weekly and never have an issue. In and out fast unloading. And we use BR Williams brokerage also to get trucks out of Bama back north. Johnny and Kenton do a great job keeping us moving. Never any issues!!
Tony Fichter
Tony F.
16:53 27 Jan 20
Our company is located 1500 miles from our customer in Anniston, Alabama. We depend on Misty, Will, Cristi and the rest of the good people of BR Williams to receive, stock, pick and deliver our product accurately and timely. They are all a joy to work with and the level of service they provide is second to none. I highly recommend BR Williams for your logistics needs.
Chris Berry
Chris B.
13:45 27 Jan 20
Sourcing talent is always a challenge. My warehousing and order fulfillment needs are unique. BR Williams is a valued part of my team because they understand our business goals. And BR Williams is striving to improve their services too! They see the landscape changing in their space and they’re making changes to remain competitive for businesses like mine. BR Williams was not my first warehousing and order fulfillment group, but I sure am happy to have finally discovered them. I would encourage you to go meet with them. The people there will listen, ask questions, and do everything they can to help you be successful. Great folks.
Mike Dortch
Mike D.
13:21 27 Jan 20
Andy and the crew are the best I’ve dealt with in 20 years of business.
Bobby Monger
Bobby M.
06:27 25 Jan 20
B.R. Williams is the “cream of the crop” when it comes to being a top tier supply chain service. Tricord International has been partnered with them for 11 years. We are very thankful that they took us on as a client. Their response time and ability to think outside the box is unparalleled. Thank you B.R. Williams for everything you do to make Tricord International’s sourcing activity work effortlessly.
Crystal Roberts
Crystal R.
17:26 24 Jan 20
Our company has been using BR Williams services for several years. The staff is super friendly and always willing to do whatever it takes to accommodate our needs in a very timely manner.
Christine LaMar
Christine L.
16:38 24 Jan 20
Great company to work with! They always respond quickly to any questions we may have, and always willing to go the extra mile to provide us with the best service possible. One of the best public warehouses we work with!
Adam Anderson
Adam A.
16:28 24 Jan 20
The team at BR Williams is terrific to work with, and they really do things right. I would highly recommend this company to anyone looking for a long term transportation partner!
Amanda Cromer
Amanda C.
16:25 24 Jan 20
Great customer service. They take time to make sure that our loads arrive when scheduled.
Venetia Moore
Venetia M.
15:53 13 Jan 20
We have been doing business with BR Williams for many years. Their staff are friendly, courteous, have a positive attitude & do whatever they can to get trucks under our loads when we need them. I would highly recommend their services!
Scottye Gann Jr
Scottye Gann J.
11:29 18 Dec 19
17 years as a over the road driver.. work as a mechanic now..family is what it’s about
Asher Fowler
Asher F.
14:07 17 Dec 19
good place to order containers from. Always on time
lan Can
lan C.
14:39 02 Dec 19
Huge cross dock service in this area. Easy in & out.
Cristy Smith Hicks
Cristy Smith H.
13:06 02 Nov 19
What a wonderful company. My Dad, Jimmy Smith, worked for them for a LONG time and he loved this company. They were so good to my Mom when he passed away
Angela Holt
Angela H.
23:09 01 Oct 19
great company very family oriented
Charlie Williams
Charlie W.
00:57 12 Sep 19
Great work environment with great people.
Kristin Watson
Kristin W.
21:35 01 Sep 19
Shop is quick, courteous and helpful! Dispatch supportive and nice same with all departments!
Terri Williamon Brady
Terri Williamon B.
20:41 06 Aug 19
Great place to work and very fresh
Gloria George
Gloria G.
02:19 29 Jul 19
My grand son works there good people
Larry Smith
Larry S.
02:17 28 Jul 19
Good folks. Good place to unload freight.
William Whittaker
William W.
16:08 05 Jun 19
Great Company,to Work for ,Been Business, for a Long time.
Thomas Stanley
Thomas S.
21:14 29 May 19
Many thanks to the BR Williams Trucking, Warehousing and Logistics teams for testing and providing feedback on our Magnetic Sign Hanging Systems designed to reach tall ceilings in the retail, education, grocer and manufacturing sectors. Companies that use Ceiling Outfitters and the Clik Clik line of products, can take advantage of unused space above eye level to hang signage from ceilings without the use of ladders and lifts. Our team was recently looking for a highly regarded company that owned multiple facilities of various sizes to reimagine how our products might be applied inside commercial manufacturing and production facilities. BR Williams was gracious in agreeing to participate which included providing us with quick and invaluable feedback. It’s no wonder BR Williams is a leader in their industry and local communities! Great folks at BRW!
JW Johnny Sanders
JW Johnny S.
12:56 05 May 19
Willing to listen and act on personal matters, really does care about you and your family, and last of all, works at making their company a home for you to feel comfortable and happy in everyday activities.
Joseph Ballard
Joseph B.
11:23 11 Apr 19
Great home time, benefits. More or less like family. Great equipment. Love it.
Douche Bag
Douche B.
03:50 24 Feb 19
Quick loading easy to find great workers
Mark Worthy
Mark W.
16:00 26 Nov 18
I like that they offer good Local driver opportunities. Brand new equipment. Dispatchers do their best to keep you busy and happy !!!
Brock Starman Duncan
Brock Starman D.
23:44 12 Sep 18
b.r. Williams trucking is the best company that you can work for in southeast area, I’ve been there going on 19yrs I plan to retire from them when I hit 65yrs old! I love them for everything they do for me!!
Constance Ramsey
Constance R.
00:02 09 Aug 18
my mom works there and its a good job for her
Mohammed Ali
Mohammed A.
01:00 23 Jun 18
Unloaded me quick
Danny Mahan
Danny M.
08:34 21 Jun 18
Great place to work,good people to work for.
Danny Lee Mahan
Danny Lee M.
16:56 06 Jun 18
Very good trucking company,they treat you like family,and they keep u busy ,been working here 2yrs and love it.
Donna Willingham
Donna W.
05:01 01 Jun 18
Havent been here
Joseph Frost
Joseph F.
20:08 27 May 18
they are a great place to work…they treat you like family..best trucking job I ever had..
Dean Morris
Dean M.
03:08 30 Apr 18
Food on the table,money in the bank, off when you need to be, what else do you want?
Michael Reitz
Michael R.
21:21 28 Mar 18
Top notch trucking company that cares about their customers and great service. Drivers are professional and very good at what they do.
indrid cold
indrid C.
18:18 22 Mar 18
Looked into working here
Jon Douglas
Jon D.
18:38 19 Mar 18
The service and support that our company gets from BR Williams is vital to our day to day business operations. Without this service it would be very difficult to maintain the level of support we do with our customers along with the on time deliveries we provide. BR Williams has truly been a blessing to our company and is integral in the growth we have experienced over the past several years.
Joseph Gauldin
Joseph G.
03:17 18 Mar 18
Nice company that has been there for years
james moon
james M.
23:25 17 Mar 18
Great place they get you in and out
Johnny Sanders
Johnny S.
03:21 01 Mar 18
Great place to work, pay could be a bit better, but they kinda make up for it in a lot of other ways, I’m going into my 12th year now.
Matt Phillips
Matt P.
18:08 28 Feb 18
In & out
Scottye Gann Jr
Scottye Gann J.
01:12 09 Feb 18
Work place
John Alan Nelson
John Alan N.
14:06 21 Jan 18
They always treated me and my family very well .I have enjoyed my time with BR Willams thankyou for be the best company I have worked for.
Lisa Cribbs
Lisa C.
00:44 04 Jan 18
Long time in business
Brittney Riley
Brittney R.
13:58 18 Dec 17
BR Williams is a top notch company that has serviced all of my transportation and warehousing needs. I wouldn’t think of using anyone else! They treated me like I had been a customer for years, and a lot like family.
Patrick Jones
Patrick J.
02:35 12 Nov 17
Awesome people who are very nice to work with dispatchers are very good at keeping the wheels turning
John Carrozza
John C.
18:25 26 Oct 17
B.R. Williams has been warehousing and shipping for us since 2008. Their inventory control is always accurate and up to date. Many times they have off loaded and sorted in-boundfreight for us when we couldn’t handle it at our facility. They are very friendly and always schedule shipments and transfers at our convenience, not theirs
Connie Shealy
Connie S.
14:44 18 Oct 17
Great customer service! ALWAYS above and beyond service expectations. I would recommend them to anyone who needs this type of service!
00:15 11 Sep 17
Great Place!
Rick Levesque
Rick L.
15:42 25 Aug 17
Great company to work for.
Mike Carter
Mike C.
16:58 28 Jul 17
BRW has been exceptional for our storage needs. The staff is flexible and awesome to work with!
Debra Smith
Debra S.
17:55 27 Jul 17
It has been a pleasure working with BR Williams for storing our products and shipping directly from their warehouse. These guys are top notch, knowledgeable and are so accommodating. Highly recommend them!!
jerrod brown
jerrod B.
08:19 18 Jul 17
BR Williams Trucking is a wonderful family owned company who value their relationships with their clients and workers. Working with BR Williams has been a successful decision for my business.
Shannon Jenkins
Shannon J.
17:25 29 Jun 17
This is an amazing company! I have worked alongside several from the B.R. Williams team on different community projects, and let me just say that they always come through with professionalism, compassion, and pride in their work. The charitable community investments they make on an annual basis proves that they are not just concerned about their bottom line, but they are focused on giving back and improving the communities where they do business. They are good stewards of their resources, and their leadership team is nothing but top notch! There is no doubt that B.R. Williams cares about their customers, their employees, AND their community. The entire organization at United Way of East Central Alabama is incredibly grateful that we get to call the team at B.R. Williams our friends and partners in the good work happening in our community!
James Nelson
James N.
23:42 26 Jun 17
For the last four years I have chaired the Mt Cheaha Friends of NRA (FNRA) program in Anniston, AL. Each year B.R. Williams has stepped forward to support and attend this community fund-raiser. The FNRA program is sponsored by the NRA Foundation (501.c.3) and raises funds to support the youth shooting sports in Alabama and nation-wide. B.R. Williams’ leadership exemplifies and sincerely serves the interest of their community, setting the standards for community service.
Carol Hagan
Carol H.
21:05 26 Jun 17
BR Williams Trucking, Inc. is not only an outstanding company, but a great community partner. We can always count on their support!
Carol Cooper Hagan
Carol Cooper H.
21:03 26 Jun 17
BR Williams Trucking, Inc. is not only an outstanding company, but a great community partner. We can always count on their support!
Vikki Floyd
Vikki F.
20:23 26 Jun 17
My experience with BR Williams was not as a customer. As a matter of fact, they did not know me personally. My experience with this great company is as the recipient of their commitment to the communities they serve. My non profit organization was in desperate need of “so many things”, when BR Williams heard about what we were doing, they sent their staff (during the work day) with materials and supplies to handle everything we’d listed as an immediate need. It’s companies like this that make it possible for us to continue to do the work we are trying to do with the children in our communities. I cannot express in words what my heart feels. You guys are wonderful. I am so thankful and this is why your company will always be successful. YOU REALLY CARE about people.
Vikki Bradford Floyd
Vikki Bradford F.
20:16 26 Jun 17
I work with a youth group in Anniston trying to motivate them and encourage them to want a better life for themselves. We are trying to give them the tools and resources to help them make better life decisions and showing them that they can be successful. We were blessed to acquire a building (practically given to us), but it needed a lot of cosmetic repairs before the children could actually make use of it. Through divine intervention the people at BR Williams heard about what we were doing and asked how they could help us. I will be honest, I expected someone to donate some paint or maybe even a check (which we appreciate), but that is not what they did. The did buy paint, and brushes and everything we needed to paint the building and make some other upgrades, but THEN they sent their staff out to actually do the work. I am almost in tears typing this… The nicest people you ever want to meet. They made in a difference in the lives of so many kids. I wanted to make sure they truly know the impact that was made that day and subsequent gifts made to the club. Our desire is to be great stewards of your gifts and try to convey our heartfelt appreciation. BR Williams CARES .. You guys ROCK!!! Check out the pictures when you have a chance, they are posted here… They even put our club’s name on the shirt with theirs… Legacy and BR Williams … serving the children of Calhoun County!!
Carol Kirk
Carol K.
18:51 26 Jun 17
Awesome company providing the best in transportation and community support. They not only provide excellent customer service, they are fantastic corporate citizens. Their employees are encouraged to volunteer and the company gives back to the community financially. Great company with which to do business!
Carol Allgood Kirk
Carol Allgood K.
18:47 26 Jun 17
I’ve had the great pleasure of working with BR Williams on community projects in Calhoun County including the Eastman Worlds of Work 8th Grade Career Expo which included over 5,000 students. Their owners, management and staff are dedicated to making our community a better place to live through volunteering and monetary support. A great company!!
John Blanton
John B.
18:36 26 Jun 17
This company goes out of their way to help with anything. They have earned a lifetime customer.
John Blanton
John B.
18:31 26 Jun 17
It seems like this company goes out of their way to help with anything. They have a lifetime customer.
Liz Foley
Liz F.
14:52 15 Jun 17
For the past three years, I have worked directly with employees of BR Williams to handle the shipping and distribution of Smart Fab. As an employee of a rep group agency, I am in constant contact with numerous customer service representatives. I cannot say enough good things about the employees of BR Williams that I work with on a daily basis. In particular, Heather George is an excellent example of what customer service should be. My associates and I are treated with the upmost respect and professionalism and Heather goes that extra mile to assist us in a positive and courteous manner. I know that if I have a question or need assistance there will be an answer or resolution in a timely manner. BR Williams works with us like we are one unit and supports us so that we may be successful.
Christine Kay
Christine K.
01:34 10 Jun 17
Love BR Williams they are they best company to work for
Scott Berry
Scott B.
17:48 16 May 17
I’ve worked with the BR Williams team for about 8-9 months now and am very impressed with their knowledge of, and passion for the business. You can tell the employees love what they do and are proud to deliver quality work. There’s just something special about working with people that love their job. Hire these guys.
Diane Fitzpatrick
Diane F.
23:31 08 Mar 17
I love working for this company. They treat you like family
Lori Edwards
Lori E.
21:42 16 Feb 17
My son works here.
andrew prevail
andrew P.
12:44 01 Feb 17
Great company to work for I’ve been with them for five years and can honestly say that this is the best place I’ve ever worked, great people and great business.
Renee Woolen
Renee W.
12:22 21 Nov 16
Love this place
Kirsten Brady
Kirsten B.
16:52 28 Sep 16
Matt at BR Williams is always incredibly helpful to us, and patiently helps us solve logistical issues.
Steven Ochs
Steven O.
15:54 28 Sep 16
BR Williams is a valued vendor with competitive pricing and excellent service. We use them for everything from container pickup/return; stripping; flatbed moves and oversized cargo. They do good a very good job!
Vince Moore
Vince M.
23:41 27 Sep 16
BR Williams is a very dependable and reliable transportations company. I have used their services for both flatbed and dry van runs on many occasions. From the last minute hot shot to daily routes, it is hard to find a more reliable partner.
Caroline Doyle
Caroline D.
23:28 27 Sep 16
BR Williams is a great company. Good price, on time for the delivery! Good Services. Big Warehouse… Great company in logistic and warehousing.
Janiece Tarver
Janiece T.
20:35 27 Sep 16
The customer service and professionalism within this company is something you do not find everyday. They are loyal and easy to work with. They treat our customers like they are their customers. They are always ready to help and we work well together.
Chance Barber
Chance B.
18:33 27 Sep 16
Top notch people! Top notch company! We’ve been working together almost daily for a few years now and time and time again BR Williams proves to be elite. It doesn’t matter who you talk to, it doesn’t matter what department they are in everyone’s always courteous, professional and an all around a joy to work with.
Josh Brasher
Josh B.
18:12 27 Sep 16
Great company that provides second to none service and quality.
Jenni Beck
Jenni B.
17:20 27 Sep 16
I communicate with Heather and Lindsay at BR Williams weekly and they provide excellent customer service. It is a pleasure working with them.
Andrew Gilmore
Andrew G.
13:37 23 Sep 16
Amazing company! Could not have asked to work for a more caring or dedicated group of people. Not to mention all the charity and volunteer work our organization does as well. I am proud to be a member of such a prestigious company and look to many years ahead here.
Matt N Sandra McCord
Matt N Sandra M.
00:28 22 Sep 16
Great company. BR Williams goes far and above to take care of their employees and customers. Customer needs are anticipate and exceeded. Great location in Mobile. Close to everything and just a few minutes from the port.
vfe.Dustin Wilson.npfx
vfe.Dustin W.
15:21 21 Sep 16
I never actually take the time to write these but the outstanding work BR Williams does for us in Mobile is undeniable. The customer service, focus, attention to detail and level of professionalism is unrivaled not just in Mobile, but anywhere I have ever worked. They truly stand alone in an industry filled with companies trying to cut corners and just make a quick buck.I’ve been fortunate to be able to utilize all of the services offered in Mobile from distribution, warehousing, long haul, local delivery and drayage and they have have my expectation exceeded every single time.There has been no better choice than BR Williams!!!!
Matt Nelson
Matt N.
00:56 15 Sep 16
Our “mothership” home office and trucking terminals keeps everyone rolling and moving in the same direction! If you have questions, they have answers! Thanks Admin team for being the greatest!
Matt Nelson
Matt N.
00:54 15 Sep 16
With 58 years of Honesty Integrity and Service leading the way, we truly are the industry leader in supply chain solutions. Let our Eastaboga team handle any of your packaging, warehousing or trucking needs!
Matt Nelson
Matt N.
00:51 15 Sep 16
I work for the greatest company on the planet! With 58 years of supply chain solution history we are ready to serve Mobile and the Gulf Coast! Give us a chance, you won’t be sorry!
Kenton Sprayberry
Kenton S.
13:45 11 Aug 16
I couldn’t ask for better employer. BR Williams truly treats all of their employees like family members.
Misty Skinner
Misty S.
13:26 10 Aug 16
I drive over 75 miles one way to work at BR Williams. Its more than worth it.
Jas Grewal
Jas G.
16:18 14 Jul 16
Was making del here. Check in office is behind the building by dock N9. Nice people working there. In n out 1 hr total. I think they allow overnight parking. Always ask. Overall gravel road.
Brock Starman Duncan
Brock Starman D.
06:07 02 Sep 15
Great place to work, will bend over backwards for employees as much as they can!
Jerrod Brown
Jerrod B.
19:59 20 Jan 15
Wonderful family owned and operated business with a caring team!
Mike Rollins
Mike R.
18:26 01 Jan 15
I’ve met some of the best people I’ve ever had the opportunity to meet at BR Williams Inc. From the new personnel to the best management teams anywhere to be found, to the many customers we are all thankful for, and have the pleasure to serve. I’ve learned many new ideas, values, and views, I’ve grown as a person, and I’m a better person, through my experiences and opportunities to be a part of such an amazing company, and THEY SAY THANKS TO ME!!?? All this, from a dream set to motion, by the late Mr. and Mrs. Williams years ago. I truly stand amazed to see what God has given to many through His blessings on the dreams of a Christian family, through faith set to motion, and service to others, no matter how small…no matter how great.
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