The Company Shares the Top 15 Carriers To Keep an Eye On

BR Williams — one of the country’s supply chain leaders — recently announced the winners of its 2022 Carrier of the Year awards. Every year, BR Williams Logistics, LLC recognizes their most dependable carriers. 

As a customer-centric organization celebrating 65 years of service, BR Williams aims to help its partners achieve on-time deliveries, better brand loyalty, and happier clients. The firm believes that these 15 transportation companies are the best ones that meet these requirements:

When asked about the criteria for choosing the top carriers for 2022, Kenton Sprayberry, Director of Operations and Sales at BR Williams said, “BR Williams values the relationships that we have with our contract carriers. Our qualification standards are among the highest in the industry and allow us to work with a core group of carriers that provide excellent service to our customers. We prefer to create long-term relationships with our carriers instead of dealing with “one and done” transactions.”

He adds, “Our contract careers are often the “face” of BR Williams and deal directly with our customers at their facilities. Hiring the best carriers allows us to put our best foot forward when handling our customers’ freight. These types of carriers also tend to have better safety records and fewer issues overall.

BR Williams is a full-service supply chain solutions and freight management company operating since 1958. According to the group, strategic partnerships have been vital to its success.

For every lane it services, it works with two to four like-minded carriers to achieve the highest service level possible for clients. As the organization grows, it will continue partnering with more businesses that help them address its customers’ ever-changing needs.

About BR Williams Trucking, Warehousing, Fulfillment and Logistics

BR Williams is a one-stop enterprise for trucking, warehousing, fulfillment, and logistics services. Since 1958, the firm has specialized in removing supply chain challenges through custom made solutions.

What started as a two truck operation now has over 185 trucks, a full service logistics division and six distribution centers in the Southeast U.S., covering 1.7 million square feet of warehouse space. On July 27th, BR Williams will celebrate its 65th year in operation.

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