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Put Trust Back In Your Direct Fulfillment Center Partner

At BR Williams, we understand how important the direct order fulfillment service we provide is to our customers – and to our customers’ customer base. Unlike other fulfillment service providers, we work tirelessly around the clock to make sure that every package shipped is received on time, delivered to the right place, and received with a smile. 

Because when your customers are happy, you are happy! 

A Direct Fulfillment Solution For Every Challenge

Choosing a fulfillment service partner you trust can be easier said than done. With your business’s reputation and customer satisfaction at stake, selecting a partner who knows your business and understands your goals is essential.

  • Stand out from your competition by adding value to your supply chain with BR Williams.
  • Confidently take on new projects, knowing that BR Williams can scale to meet your growing needs.
  • Avoid frustrating, costly inventory mistakes with BR Williams’ inventory insights and transparent practices.
  • Build a better brand reputation every step of the way with our full-service supply chain solutions.
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Direct Order Fulfillment Services

Direct Order Fulfillment Centers in Alabama and Beyond

BR Williams offers direct order fulfillment services and product management options for every one of our customers, even those with unique needs or who require additional flexibility on our end.

  1. We quickly serve businesses across the country.
  2. We operate efficiently and fast with multiple fulfillment and distribution warehouses in Alabama, including 10 min from the Port of Mobile.
  3. We operate 100% as a USA fulfillment service.
  4. Never lose track of your items with 100% 24/7 real-time visibility from our robust Warehouse Management System.

Are you ready to start getting your products into your customers’ hands quickly and efficiently?

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Direct Order Fulfillment Cost

Our Approach

As direct order fulfillment partners, we never want to leave you in the dark on where your products are or how your business is performing. 

  • Track Your Products: Carefully track every one of your products from the time it is received in our facility to when it is shipped out. By knowing where your products are and how many are being processed, you can also better grasp your inventory control. 
  • Get the Data: Monitor our service rate with the data we provide, including on-time delivery data and updates on service failures, damages, and more. 
  • Experience Transparency & Visibility: See our activity, such as pallets handled, pieces packaged, deliveries completed, number of transactions, and labor hours related to your products’ handling. We are always honest and transparent in our reporting. 
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Outsourced Fulfillment Center at work

What Makes BR Williams Direct Order Fulfillment Services Different?

We are here to help you become experts in taking your product directly to your customers’ hands – and everywhere in between. We focus on the three basics that ensure organized inventory, fast delivery, and satisfied customers: packing, shipping, and delivery.  



Direct Deliver 

Working with a Direct Order Fulfillment Partner Is Simple.


So simple, it only takes three easy steps. We handle the order fulfillment so you can focus on what you do best: your business.

  1. Connect with our team 
  2. Start fulfilling orders 
  3. Build trust through your brand
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Direct Order Fulfillment Warehouse

Lower Your Shipping Costs, Grow Your Business with Direct Order Fulfillment Services

The right direct order fulfillment service provider should help you streamline your processes and better manage your customer expectations. Request a FREE, no-obligation quote today to determine if BR Williams may be the right company to help you reach your goals.

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About BR Williams Trucking & Logistics

BR Williams is a family-owned TruckingWarehousingFulfillment & Logistics Company, serving customers since 1958. We specialize in removing the supply chain frustrations our customers experience by developing custom-made solutions that fit their needs. We also offer nationwide transportation services through our fleet and logistics division. 

Our multiple fulfillment and distribution warehouses in Alabama, including the Port of Mobile, span over 1.7 million square feet. Our core values are Honesty, Integrity, and Service – and we live these values every day. 

Want to know more about BR Williams? View our awards and certifications that set us apart from our other third-party logistics service providers. 

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BR Williams, an Alabama Trucking Company

Warehouse & Distribution Centers

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

We have fulfillment centers throughout the State of Alabama, from the Port of Mobile up into North Alabama.  Our locations are strategic in that it is relatively easy to move freight into and out of the state either via FTL/LTL or Container.  Our outbound footprint offers a 2 day ground delivery via FedEx to most of the Eastern United States.

Do you integrate with any shopping carts?

Yes – we have over 80 direct integrations with shopping carts, including Amazon, Magento, Shopify, Big Commerce, Walmart, and many many others.

Do I have access to view inventory and place orders through a portal?

Yes – our online portal allows a full line of inventory and order management, along with reporting as well.  We can tailor this to your needs.

I’m a small or medium size business. Do you allow us to ship on your FedEx account?

Absolutely!  One of the benefits of working with a 3PL is access to shipping rates that you would not be able to get otherwise.  Of course, you always have the option to ship on your FedEx/UPS account as well.

What is the typical timeframe for an integration?

It depends on what exactly is needed on our customer’s side.  This can be anywhere from 30 to 90 days.  Most of the time it takes longer to get inventory TO BR Williams than it does to get the integration set up.

Can I ship direct to businesses as well as to consumers with BR Williams?

Absolutely.  We can provide both small parcel and LTL fulfillment.  Our team will create an SOP for each facet of your business to make certain that we fulfill every order correctly,  based on your needs.

Do you offer kitting services?

Yes.  One of the benefits of working with a 3PL Fulfillment Center is the ability to kit and fulfill orders all under one roof.

What other services do you provide?

BR Williams can manage all aspects of the supply chain for your inventory from the time it hits the port in the US, all the way to final delivery to the customer.  We also have partnerships to help manage the transit from the port of origin as well!  We want to be your out of sight, out of mind fulfillment partner that you never have to think about – which will allow you to focus on what you do best…manage YOUR business!

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