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About BR Williams Logistics, LLC.

BR Williams Logistics is a wholly owned subsidiary of BR Williams Trucking that was founded in 1958 on the principles of Honesty, Integrity, and Service. Our Logistics division offers flexible capacity and custom, multi-modal solutions at the point of distribution. Our customers have come to expect excellent execution and proactive communication and we deliver.

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97% Credit Score on Ansonia

Don’t Settle For “Business” As Usual.

We do not operate with a traditional large-scale brokerage business model that relies on a massive network but sacrifices quality. Our customers demand a higher standard and at BR Williams, we proudly provide it. We never oversell and ALWAYS keep our promises.


With our 3PL Services You Can Enjoy



Less Downstream Interruptions


Third Party Logistics Services (3PL)
for US & Canada

Our third-party logistic (3PL) services are unique because of our scalable technology and our commitment to stay on the cutting edge.

We have all the tools of larger 3PL service providers, plus the customer service passion of a family-owned company.

We do not operate with a traditional logistics brokerage business model: Most logistics companies advertise loads to as many carriers as possible and then take the cheapest truck on any given day. We build relationships with like-minded, high-performing contract carriers that fit our clients’ needs like a glove.

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BR Williams Third Party Logistics (3pl) Services

Helping You Move Your Business Forward

Get real-time information on your shipments from the moment they leave until they reach their destination. With BR Williams Third Party Logistics Services (3PL), you receive: 

  • Easy to view Load portal
  • GPS tracking
  • Quickly print or email your bill of lading (BOL)
  • Status notifications and exception reporting
  • Drop trailers
  • Personalized customer service

And expert logisticians…our logistics team has a combined average of over 100 years of brokerage experience.

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Alabama Trucking Company

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Our Value-Added 3PL Services

BR Williams’ Logistics Services are unique in that we offer many of the tools of larger 3PL companies but with the commitment to integrity and the customer service passion and agility of a family-owned company.

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Customer has a “Chilling” problem…

BR Williams Took Care of It…

The cold winter months brought a chilling logistics problem for one of the top American chemical companies.

The primary product they produced faced cold intolerance yet was uninfluenced by hot temperatures. Extreme cold temperatures caused permanent damage to their product, rendering it useless.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What value-added 3PL services do you provide to your customers?

Here is a list of value-added 3PL services that we offer our customers:

BR Williams’ logistics services are unique because of our scalable technology and commitment to stay on the cutting edge. We work with over 5,200 contract freight carriers, allowing us to offer nationwide coverage and a full range of logistics services.

How many contract freight carries does BR Williams work with?

We work with over 5,200 contract freight carriers, which enables us to provide nationwide logistics coverage. Learn more.

Is BR Williams a traditional logistics brokerage?

No, BR Williams does not use a traditional logistics brokerage business model. Why? Instead of advertising loads to as many carriers as possible and then taking the cheapest truck on any given day, we build relationships with like-minded, high-performing contract carriers that fit our clients’ needs like a glove. Learn more about freight brokers.

Is BR Williams asset based or non-asset based?

We are asset-based with our own warehouse space and trucks.

How much cargo liability insurance do you carry?

BR Williams offers up to $10,000,000 in cargo liability insurance. Contact us for more information.

What kind of equipment does BR Williams have?

BR Williams is a dry van only fleet, but we do move flatbeds every day with our contract carriers in our Logistics Division.

Do you offer cold storage in warehousing?

No. However, through our Logistics Services, we do broker cold storage trucks.

Do you have load tracking?

Yes. Our customers are able to easily track their shipments from our website: Here’s load tracking and inventory tracking.

Is BR Williams a bonded warehouse?

We are currently not operating as a bonded free trade zone warehouse solely due to the lack of necessity of any of our current customer base.  We look forward to completing the process of becoming a bonded warehouse once our customers or future customer has a need for this designation.  For those that would like to learn more about a bonded warehouse, please refer to this link:

U (

Is there a way to view my warehouse inventory online?

Yes, customers can access their inventory by logging into our WMS Portal on our website.

Is BR Williams Trucking, Inc. ISO 9001:2015 Certified?

YES! ISO 9000 is a series of quality standards that outline the requirements for quality management systems. These standards were developed to promote worldwide standards for management of quality. We first received our certification April 10, 2002 by our registrar NSF International Strategic Registrations, LTD. and are currently in good standing. An auditor from NSF-ISR conducts surveillance audits and Re-assessment audits periodically to examine our quality system for compliance. The certification is utilized within BR Williams to develop, implement, and improve the effectiveness of the processes and procedures to assure consistent quality service to our customers.

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