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Small Shipping? BR Williams can handle your LTL needs

Consolidate all of your small shipments into and out of truckloads with LTL shipping.

When it comes to LTL, carriers must have many trucks, cross-docking centers, and a density of customers within a specific region, making arranging for less-than-load shipments on your own difficult.

With BR Williams LTL logistics services, we can be the go-between to you connect with a qualified LTL carrier.

Collaborating with the top LTL motor carriers, we have overhauled our LTL service offerings that will help you reach the trucks and cross-docking distribution centers you need.

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We now offer better tools, better rates, and better customer service!

We have expanded our services by offering customers an easier and more efficient LTL process. Our new system allows us to substantially improve our LTL rates while still handling 100% of the customer service.

Our new web-based portal powered by transportation management software enables our customers to pull quotes and documents instantly, or even set up their own shipments using the software.

BR Williams easy web-based portal offers:

  1. Quick Quotes
  2. Document Retrieval
  3. Shipment Initiation
  4. Monitoring &  Tracking
  5. Great Rates
Warehouse distribution work for LTL Trucking & Logistics

Want a dependable carrier that can create a custom solution?

We protect our customers against capacity and rate volatility. Request a FREE, no-obligation quote to find out how you can improve your current logistics process.

How We Choose Our Qualified Logistics Carriers

Any carrier we choose for hauling freight is very carefully vetted and continuously monitored by a TIA (Transportation Industry Association) Certified Transportation Broker. 

Standards by which we vet our carriers:

  • Each carrier is required to have an active authority for a minimum of 12 consecutive months
  • Carrier is required to have a minimum of 5 trucks or be in business at least 2 years
  • Ensure the carrier’s insurance is up to date and valid
  • Each carrier is also required to sign a Carrier Agreement before conducting any business with us
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LTL Trucking & Logistics Services in Alabama

BR Williams is a trusted partner that will work as an extension of your traffic department to ensure your transportation goals are met. 

Our logistics teams are committed to our core values of Honesty, Integrity, and Service and prove their value on every load by helping our clients find the right price, right service, and proactive communications to meet their service needs, including:

BR Williams’ technology, transparency, and teamwork ensure our clients the advantage they need to succeed. Find out how we can create a custom solution for you today.

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What Makes BR Williams Logistics (3PL) Services Different?

As an extension of BR Williams, our Logistics Division offers flexible capacity as a 3PL company.

What makes us different:

  • Load portal
  • GPS tracking
  • Access to all of BR Williams transportationtrucking, and warehousing services
  • Obtain instant, reliable rate quotes
  • Schedule pick-up effectively
  • Quickly print or email your bill of lading (BOL)
  • Status notifications and exception reporting
  • Drop trailers
  • Personalized customer service
  • Experienced logisticians
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Are you looking to grow your business?

The right 3PL company can help you streamline your processes and allow you to spend more resources on your business growth. Request a FREE, no-obligation quote today to find out if BR Williams may be the right company to help you reach your goals.

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