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Heavy Haul & Oversized Loads
with a Dependable Flatbed Trucking Partner

Gain more efficient access to flexible capacity than with a traditional Asset Based carrier and a more exclusive group of select flatbed contract carriers than large 3PLs

Targeting backhaul carriers and utilizing a steady backhaul pricing strategy allows our team at BR Williams to reach more of the right kind of carriers in a shorter amount of time. This enables us to facilitate a load faster and at a high quality.

Our cost-efficient approach of recruiting carriers needing a load back to the vicinity of their home base, allows us to offer more favorable pricing.

Flatbed Broker

Utilizing new technologies has allowed our customers to feel secure, knowing their shipments will arrive safely and on-time to their destination. 

The new technologies that we have added have really helped us offer top-notch Expedited Services. We can now provide GPS tracking, proactive “push” updates, pick and delivery notifications, and much more making the experience better for all involved.

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Flatbed Freight Brokers

Want a dependable flatbed freight company that can create a custom solution?

We protect our customers against capacity and rate volatility. Request a FREE, no-obligation quote to find out how you can improve your current logistics process.

Our Flatbed Service Offerings

How We Choose Our Qualified Flatbed Shipping Partners

Any flatbed trucking carrier we choose is carefully vetted and continuously monitored by a TIA (Transportation Industry Association) Certified Transportation Broker. 

Standards by which we vet our carriers:

  • Each carrier is required to have an active authority for a minimum of 12 consecutive months
  • Carrier is required to have a minimum of 5 trucks or be in business at least 2 years
  • Ensure the carrier’s insurance is up to date and valid
  • Each carrier is also required to sign a Carrier Agreement before conducting any business with us

We’re a trucking company ourselves, but we don’t offer flatbed trucking services. That means we know what to look for an are an unbiased flatbed freight broker.

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Flatbed Freight Brokers

Flatbed Freight Broker

BR Williams is a trusted partner that will work as an extension of your traffic department to ensure your transportation goals are met. 

Our logistics teams are committed to our core values of Honesty, Integrity, and Service and prove their value on every load by helping our clients find the right price, right service, and proactive communications to meet their needs, including:

BR Williams’ technology, transparency, and teamwork ensure our clients the advantage they need to succeed. Find out how we can create a custom solution for you today.

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Flatbed Brokers

What Makes BR Williams’ Flatbed Broker / Logistics (3PL) Services Different?

As an extension of BR Williams, our Logistics Division offers flexible capacity as a 3PL company.

What makes us different:

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3PL logistics companies in the USA

Are you looking to grow your business?

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Want to know how to win at logistics?

The supply chain can be very complex and competitive, but there are a few main factors that will help you to win at logistics. Download our complete guide, How to Win at Logistics, to learn more.

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