Struggling with your supply chain? It’s time to take stock of your business and evaluate its risks. Where are your weakest links? Maybe there are natural hazards in your region like hurricanes or floods. Perhaps you have issues with poor delivery or fulfillment problems.

Supply chain management services from a third-party logistics (3PL) partner like BR Williams help identify weak links. A 3PL partner can also provide your business with additional warehousing and distribution services to eliminate issues and streamline your supply chain. Here are some ways to diagnose the weakest point in a supply chain:

Communicate With Vendors and Suppliers

Communication is key to your business’ success. By speaking with your vendors and suppliers, you can clarify any potential risks. Work in collaboration with your vendors and suppliers. Together, you can implement strategies to reduce any risks and create a stronger supply chain.

Create Benchmarks and Monitor Metrics

The availability of goods, optimal levels of inventory, and efficient transportation all contribute to an effective supply chain. If you’re having issues with inventory or fulfillment, it’s essential to pay attention to these areas.

What factors are contributing to your problems? By implementing supply chain benchmarking and monitoring metrics, you can keep tabs on your business. 3PL partners can offer an outside perspective needed to assess your company’s performance adequately.

Stay Aware of New Technologies and Trends

With sophisticated supply chain technology, new opportunities for growth are endless. Your complex supply chain is most successful when you can cooperate with an external partner.

When it comes to distribution, production planning, inventory management, warehousing, and transportation systems, new software makes managing these services easier than before. Technologies like barcode scanning and coding simplify your business processes and make them more efficient.

Using technology and supply chain management software, you can forecast inventory needs to prepare for unexpected events. Working with a company that understands these new technologies can help your business avoid common mistakes.

Keep Track of Contracts

Consider regular meetings, spot checks, or routine checks with your contractual agreements. These meetings will help you ensure that no issues need resolved and prevent any potential issues. If you get ahead of problems in your supply chain, you can make sure nothing surprises you.

If you’re looking to identify the weakest points in your supply chain, an experienced 3PL partner can help improve your supply chain strategy. Warehouses and distribution centers can enjoy the technology and solutions many 3PLs provide.

BR Williams offers supply chain management as well as warehousing and distribution services to streamline your process for success. To learn more about what BR Williams can do for you, contact us today.

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