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BR Williams Took Care of It…

“The values you hold for relationships show in your actions. I appreciate that your presentation went beyond just our business and took in the global e-commerce landscape that will affect our business and make sure we are all prepared. Your approach to professionalism is a breath of fresh air, and we look forward to growing our business relationship.” 

~BR Williams eCommerce and Fulfillment Customer

Custom Direct Fulfillment Services that Impress Your Customers

Quickly serve businesses across the country

Our 100% USA fulfillment services

Warehouse Management System

Brand-building Ecommerce Fulfillment

BR Williams’ mission is to grow and maintain your brand’s loyalty with your valued customers

Focus on growing your market share, without having to worry about your products getting delivered accurately and on time with BR Williams’ direct-to-consumer order fulfillment

While we don’t own or make any products, we understand how critical the fulfillment service that we provide is to our customers – and our customers’ customers. We work tirelessly to make sure that every package shipped is received with a smile… because when your customers are happy, YOU are happy…and we all win!

National Product Fulfillment Company

Benefits Beyond Direct Fulfillment Logistics

With years of supply chain experience, we do more than simply fulfill customer orders. We take the time to analyze your current supply chain and provide you with the best solutions for maximizing your bottom line. Our direct order fulfillment services can include:

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Inventory – one less thing to worry about

Forget the days of hassling with lost or untrackable inventories, high distribution costs, and poor fulfillment services. Late shipments, lack of visibility, damaged products, or inventory errors can create huge setbacks to your business.

We know this.

With BR Williams, you gain more than just a distributor. You gain a partner who handles these logistics and troubleshoots for you.

  • Track Your Products: Carefully track the materials from the time it is received in our facility to the time it is shipped out, even down to “each” unit of measure.
  • Get the Data: Monitor our service rate with the data we provide, including on-time delivery data and updates on service failures, damages, etc.
  • Transparency: See our activity, such as pallets handled, pieces packaged, deliveries completed, number of transactions, and labor hours related to your products’ handling.
Direct Order Fulfillment Services

Why Choose BR Williams?

We understand that your relationship with your customers runs your sales. As your trusted fulfillment partner, our high quality service is for both you and, most importantly, it’s for your customers.

Trust is essential for any successful business, and we do not take that lightly.

Why Us?

  1. Benefit from our extensive network of distributors
  2. Enjoy ample storage space – today and in the future
  3. No long-term commitments
  4. Guaranteed quick deliveries
  5. Save money on retail fulfillment costs
  6. Transparent inventory tracking
  7. 100% USA-based fulfillment services
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eCommerce Fulfillment Center

60+ years experience mastering our fulfillment process

Thanks to the trust of our customers, since our first warehouse in 1994, our footprint has grown to six distribution and fulfillment centers in the Southeast. When combined with our trucking and logistics brokerage teams, BR Williams can be your end-to-end logistics provider in the USA – from pickup at a port or at your manufacturing facility through delivery to your end customer. We have the fleet, experience, and passion needed to help our customers succeed and grow in this ever-changing ecommerce world!

Partnering with BR Williams also means you benefit from our warehouse features.

Customer-Focused Mission

Our focus is to analyze your current supply chain, and then provide you with the best solution for maximizing your bottom line. At BR Williams, our primary goal is to make sure each and every customer is satisfied and receives the service you deserve.

Storage Space

Our distribution centers encompass over 1.7 million square feet, so we are able to accommodate customers of all sizes. Our facilities are structured so we can meet the needs of our customer unique demands.

6 Locations: 6x as Fast

With multiple fulfillment and distribution warehouses in Alabama including our facility located less than 10 minutes from the Port of Mobile. We are strategically located close to ports, interstate highways, and manufacturing facilities for many different industries, including the automotive sector.

Inventory Accuracy

We invest in technology and the training of our professionals so we can accurately store and care for your product. That includes the most advanced Warehouse Management System so that we know where your product is at all times. We consistently receive over 99% inventory accuracy.

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3PL Fulfillment Company

Pick, Pack & Process

Our warehouse management system (WMS) tracks every single product and can accurately tell you if it is being staged, picked, packed, or shipped. With over 70 pre-built integrations to different shopping carts, marketplaces, and ERP systems, you don’t have to be limited to what you are doing today.

Warehouse & Distribution Center Locations

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What key features do your fulfillment warehouses offer?

With six different locations strategically built near ports and manufacturing facilities, BR Williams’ distribution facilities are customer-focused, utilize the most advanced Warehouse Management System, and encompass over 1.7 million square feet.

Why type of fulfillment equipment does BR Williams use?

BR Williams is a dry van only fleet, but every day we move flatbeds with our contract partner carriers (Logistics Division).

Will you help me find the right services to fit my needs?

Yes! BR Williams will evaluate the different and unique storage solutions and make the best decision for your inventory, including comparing the cost of handling your product yourself and leasing space compared with using a 3PL, if there is a need to add additional space to your existing facility, or if you should turn over your storage and handling requirements to a 3PL.

Is BR Williams an asset-based or non-asset based company?

BR Williams is an asset-based company with our own trucks and our own warehouse space.

Do you offer any type of cargo liability insurance to your customers?

Yes, BR Williams can provide liability insurance up to the amount of $500,000.

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Do your warehouses have any type of cold storage?

Our warehouses do not have cold storage, but we do broker cold storage trucks through our Logistics Services.

Do you offer load tracking?

Yes, customers can conveniently track their shipments on our website: Find load tracking and inventory tracking here.

Are your warehouses bonded?

We are currently not operating as a bonded free trade zone warehouse solely due to the lack of necessity of any of our current customer base.  We look forward to completing the process of becoming a bonded warehouse once our customers or future customer has a need for this designation.  For those that would like to learn more about a bonded warehouse, please refer to this link:

U (

Is your company ISO 9001:2015 Certified?

YES! ISO 9000 is a series of quality standards that outline the requirements for quality management systems. They were developed to promote worldwide standards for management of quality. Our company received our initial certification April 10, 2002 from our registrar NSF International Strategic Registrations, LTD. We are currently in good standing. An NSF-ISR auditor conducts periodic surveillance audits and Re-assessment audits to examine our quality system for compliance. We use the certification within BR Williams to develop, implement, and improve the effectiveness of the processes and procedures to assure consistent quality service to our customers.

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