BR Williams proudly announces its partnership with non-profit organization  Women in Trucking.

One of the leading transport and logistics companies in the U.S., BR Williams, has championed women in the transport industry since the company’s inception in 1958. They are proud to announce their partnership with Women in Trucking, a non-profit organization that seeks to bring gender diversity to transportation.

Ever since the business was established some six decades ago, there has been a real emphasis by the firm on including women in transportation – something relatively unheard of back in the 1950s and 1960s. Today, BR Williams continues supporting that cause by encouraging more women to forge a career in transportation with their alliance with Women in Trucking and potentially work for their company too.

Ruth Williams was the founder of BR Williams

BR Williams was the brainchild of Billy Rutledge Williams in 1958. Sadly, he passed away a few years after starting his company, and so his wife Ruth took over the helm despite having a career as a school teacher and with two young girls at home. Ruth has been at the forefront of making the transportation industry more inclusive to women. Today, her daughters are both owners and Executive Vice Presidents of the family-run firm.

Misty Skinner, VP of Marketing at BR Williams comments: “Women account for only 10% of the trucking industry, and that’s something that we can change by educating women on what the transportation industry has to offer them. At BR Williams, we take pride in family and family values.

Our founder was a working mother of two. I am also a working mother of two, and my personal goal in joining Women in Trucking Association is to help cultivate an environment where women not only feel welcome but thrive.”

Tammy Thornburg, the CFO at BR Williams, adds: “When I think of women in trucking, I think of Mrs. Williams taking over BR Williams after her husband’s untimely death.  She learned the industry while struggling in a world of men to make BRW a viable business. Women in Trucking was not available to her during the 1960s and ‘70s.

I am excited to be a member of Women in Trucking to have a support system of other women and seeing the trucking industry through their eyes.  In turn, I’ll be better able to provide a better support system for our women drivers. I am also looking forward to gaining access to valuable industry insight, training, and resources.  In honor of Mrs. Williams, I wanted to join Women in Trucking.”

BR Williams is an Alabama-based trucking business that provides trucking, warehousing, and logistics services. The family-run firm, often considered one of the best trucking companies in the United States, is seeking to recruit more females to fill driving positions and leadership positions within the company and encourage more women to join the transportation industry.

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