BR Williams Logistics was established in 2010 as an addition to our in-house fleet that was established in 1958.  We have all the tools of larger 3PL service providers, plus the customer service passion of a family owned company. We do not operate with a traditional logistics brokerage business model: Most logistics companies advertise loads to as many carriers as possible and then take the cheapest truck on any given day. We build relationships with like-minded, high-performing contract carriers that fit our clients’ needs perfectly.

A day in the life

At BR Williams, a day in the life is less about corporate structure and more about working with people. As a family-owned business with a deep commitment to its people, BR Williams focuses on building genuine relationships with everyone – from employees and leadership to clients and their end customers. 

Honesty, integrity, and high-quality customer service are found in all of their daily operations. Days typically focus on customer needs and close relationships with trusted carriers. From packing products and tracking inventory to troubleshooting any possible issues that arise, a typical day at BR Williams ultimately ends with serving its people well. 

A focus on carriers

BR Williams places a huge emphasis on the service and relationships it provides to its carriers. With attractive freight offerings and services specially designed with carrier benefits in mind, most BR Williams’ routes are intentionally set up to get carriers back to their home bases. As a result, carriers working with their team are often long-term partnerships once onboard. With high-quality standards required to work with BR Williams, those who pass the test usually stay because they love it. 

When working with quality carriers, quality services get produced. BR Williams works with the best of the best to ensure that products get delivered on time, are affordable for consumers, and arrive without damage or complication. 

Prioritizing customers

Service, service, service. Unlike other shipping companies, BR Williams takes on their clients’ customers as their own. Their approach to service always puts the customer first, and all areas of the business support them. While other carriers may be able to provide a cheaper quote upfront, many companies return to BR Williams because their level of service and care is priceless and so much better than others in the industry. 

When businesses invest a little more in terms of rate, they get a lot more in terms of service. Not only does BR Williams deliver on their services, but they also help provide the best experience possible for end users. Customers can easily follow all aspects of their purchase, including tracking, notifications, and dashboards. 

This prioritization of the customers often equates to positive customer feedback, repeat purchases, and in-stock products that other businesses can’t compete with. BR Williams prioritizes these customer relationships for their clients and ultimately helps their business partners build reliable brand reputations. 

What makes BR Williams different

Unlike others, BR Williams focuses on more than just its bottom line. With a family feel and tight-knit team, BR Williams provides individualized service and attention to those they serve while competing with larger companies than their scale. Relationships, people, and quality services are at the forefront of all they do. 

The future of BR Williams Logistics Division

Advancements in technology are on the horizon for the logistics industry, and BR Williams is at the top of the game. The future for brokers of 3PL services and logistic departments will include automated processes, API telemetry, and automated truck lists that take off as soon as the loads hit the board.

Digital freight matching will also be coming to BR Williams’ logistics department in the future. DFM allows frictionless truckloads that move without human intervention (other than the driver!) from load acceptance through billing.

BR Williams is also excited to partner with Project44, the leader in telemetry transmission and analytics! Load locations and hyper-accurate ETA’s are made available to our customers via direct integration, or the BR Williams load portal! This information dramatically decreases calls and emails and allows our customers to focus on their core business.

BR Williams is always looking to embrace those technological advances in technology so that fewer manual processes are required by their team or their customers. Partner with BR Williams and let’s Drive Supply Forward!

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About BR Williams Trucking & Logistics

BR Williams, a family-owned Trucking, Warehousing, Fulfillment & Logistics Company has been serving customers since 1958. We specialize in removing the supply chain frustrations our customers have by developing custom-made solutions. We offer nationwide transportation services through our fleet and logistics division. Our multiple fulfillment and distribution warehouses in Alabama span over 1.7 million square feet. Our core values are HONESTY, INTEGRITY, SERVICE. We still serve our first customer that was established in 1958.

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