BR Williams’ relationship with its carriers and customers is integral to its continued success, leading them to win the Top Carrier of the Year award. 

BR Williams, one of the premier transportation and logistics companies in the U.S., is proud to announce the top 12 carriers award winners. This year, BR Williams recognized an extremely high level of excellence across all carriers with an impressive record of matching or exceeding industry standards and established performance measures. 

The top 12 truck carriers in the list include:

Kenton Sprayberry, Director of Operations and Carrier Sales, was quoted saying: 

“BR Williams values the relationships that we have with our contract carriers. Our qualification standards are among the highest in the industry and allow us to work with a core group of carriers that provide excellent service to our customers. We prefer to create long-term relationships with our carriers instead of dealing with ‘one and done transactions. Our contract carriers are oftentimes the ‘face’ of BR Williams and deal directly with our customers at their facilities. Hiring the best carriers allows us to put our best foot forward when handling our customer’s freight. These types of carriers also tend to have better safety records and fewer issues overall.” 

To assure the reliability of their service, BR Williams first seeks out carriers whose values align with their own. Their own set of values is based on ensuring the highest level of client service and meeting the needs of every client. They believe in creating a professional relationship with each truck carrier they choose to work with. To do this, they focus on six main criteria:

  • On-time performance
  • Communication
  • Commitment
  • Volume Integrity
  • Safety
  • Billing Accuracy/Timeliness

As one of the industry’s supply chain leaders, BR Williams has created a unique way to remain successful in these trying times. With its continued investment into new technologies and new partnerships, BR Williams has built a strong foundation of unique solutions which work in tandem to create powerful results.

In 2022, BR Williams expects its business to continue to grow within an optimistic global economy.

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BR Williams,  a  family-owned Trucking, Warehousing, Fulfillment & Logistics Company has been serving customers since 1958. We specialize in removing the supply chain frustrations our customers have by developing custom-made solutions. We offer nationwide transportation services through our fleet and logistics division. Our multiple fulfillment and distribution warehouses in Alabama span over 1.7 million square feet. Our core values are HONESTY, INTEGRITY, SERVICE. We still serve our first customer that was established in 1958.

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