Top 3 Benefits of Intermodal Shipping

Benefits of Intermodal Shipping

Intermodal freight shipping has been around for decades, but it is growing in popularity due to its many benefits. Integrating intermodal shipping into your supply chain can bring significant cost-savings, increased levels of security, improved safety, and make shipments flexible. Curious as to why businesses are transitioning to intermodal shipping? We developed a list of the top benefits businesses reap when choosing to work with BR Williams and incorporate intermodal in their supply chain.

What is Intermodal Shipping?

Intermodal shipping refers to using more than one mode of transportation, such as truck, rail, or ship, to transport goods from a shipper to consignee. Often, services begin with a container or cargo moved by truck to a ship, then back to a truck to finish the process. Businesses often opt for intermodal shipping when shipping freight to a destination within 200-300 miles from a port of entry. If your company has specific supply chain demands, consider choosing drayage or cross-docking as an integral part of your services.


Most companies switching to modernized services do it to save money. Businesses turn to intermodal shipping for long-distance transportation as it uses multiple shipping methods. When cargo is moved via the ocean rather than just by a truck, it significantly cuts transportation, gas, and routine service costs. Shippers can also take advantage of lower rates and more predictable pricing. These savings make this a cost-effective method of transporting goods long distances.

Reliable and Secure

One of the top reasons for using intermodal freight shipping is to secure and protect your cargo. The reason this method provides increased assurance is due to specific processes that have been adopted. This method eliminates handling of the freight itself, which in turn leads to reduced material damages and losses. Locations like terminals, ports, and ramps often see increased security. When it comes to shipping, security is top of mind for our employees and drivers, who treat your freight like it’s their own.

Flexible and Customizable

While intermodal shipping has been around for decades, some operations require more personalized attention. Various factors like the location of your company, location of shipping destination, material to be shipped, and any time restrictions can make your shipping experience different. When you come to a supply chain company like BR Williams with unique shipping requirements, we work with you to determine the best approach for your cargo and circumstances. By offering a variety of other services like warehousing, distribution, and logistics, we make sure to meet all your transportation needs.

In business for over 60 years, BR Williams delivers strategic and efficient shipping solutions, such as intermodal shipping. By teaming up with a transportation expert, the shipping process becomes infinitely easier on you, particularly when it comes time to negotiate rates ports. BR Williams is strategically located in Mobile, Alabama, to help you ship your goods around the world. BR Williams also offers a variety of custom warehousing, distribution, and logistics services, as well as warehouse management systems. With a range of services, BR Williams ensures your inventory is protected, and your cargo arrives on time. Learn how you can lower your business’s shipping costs with intermodal shipping and contact BR Williams today.

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