Our customers depend on us to be experts in automotive logistics. By providing quality trucking and transportation services, we allow our customers to focus on what they do best.

Our customers and business partners entrust us with the stewardship responsibility to solve critical problems, assist in expediting production line snags, provide expert freight shipping experience, and more.

We have three great examples where our team at BR Williams has gone above and beyond in providing superior customer service: 

Problem-Solving an Obstacle Course of a Route

In September 2017, the unthinkable happened while driving a contracted route for a customer. Our driver had a heart attack en route to a major OEM in Alabama. Luckily, a second driver was available to swap trailers and drive the shipment south. 

Then, we hit another obstacle. Our new driver was 500 miles from the delivery site, and he was about to exceed the hours on duty recorded on his electronic logging device (ELD).

Unfortunately, the parts we were carrying were sequenced. If we couldn’t deliver them on time, this meant the plant would have to shut down. We had to keep the customer operational. 

After long and careful consideration, we arranged for a private airline to fly a third driver to a nearby airport. The new driver took control and delivered the parts 10 hours before they were scheduled to go into production.

BR Williams ended up losing money for the particular route, but we were glad we found a way for the customer to avoid losing even more money. By putting ourselves in our customers’ shoes, we are always willing to do what’s best for them. We took ownership of the contracted route and solved any problems along the way.

Expediting Production Line Snags

Facing an impossible predicament, a tier-one automotive supplier turned to BR Williams. Due to a broken gas line, the automotive supplier fell behind on production. As soon as the finished product came off the production line, it needed to be immediately delivered 62 miles to Honda. 

Our team worked with our contract carriers to secure a 53-foot van and box truck equipment. The vehicles remained at the customer’s facility for 24 hours a day, including the weekend. To keep the production line moving, the drivers ran many shipments back and forth to Honda.

Drivers swapped shifts, alternately sleeping at a nearby hotel to rest during their break. BR Williams coordinated with the contract carriers, so the trucks were ready to make the next trip to Honda as soon as new products were completed.

Greg England, Delivery and Logistics Manager at Honda, commended Michael McEvoy at BR Williams saying,

“Michael and his wife just had their third child. He only took off two days a couple of weeks ago while his child was being born. Honestly, he didn’t totally take those days off. He still called from the hospital and home to make sure everything was running right. So I wanted to say that we here at HMA [Honda Manufacturing of Alabama] really appreciate you, Michael. You went above and beyond where most of us would have went.”

BR Williams’ attention to detail and exceptional level of service resulted in minimal downtime for both facilities. It also ensured 100% execution on each expedited shipment. 

Providing Expert Freight Shipping Experience

When faced with a situation where they had little experience, Lincoln High School turned to BR Williams. A representative from the school in Lincoln, Alabama needed help shipping a box of lockers to Los Angeles, California, but he didn’t know where to start.

We worked with our less than truckload shipping (LTL) partner in Birmingham to schedule the pickup and delivery of the lockers. Our team helped track the freight shipment, and the lockers arrived on time.

Even a seemingly simple job was treated with the utmost care. Lincoln High School was grateful for our knowledge and attention to detail. A representative from the school said, “we will definitely use you [BR Williams] again in the future for any freight shipments.”

At BR Williams, we have seen firsthand how going the extra mile can make a difference for our clients and their customers. We specialize in trucking, warehousing, and logistics services that improve our customers’ experience, cost efficiencies and profit. As a family-owned company, we take a personal interest in our customers and business partners. After all, their success is our success.

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