Pictured starting on left: Tom McLeod, McLeod CEO and Greg Brown, BR Williams CEO

30 Years of Partnership.

65 Years of Service. 

1M Loads Delivered.

The first BR Williams load was delivered to Boston, Massachusetts, in July 1958. The goods delivered were for a customer we STILL have 65 years later. The partnerships that have developed since have truly been remarkable. 

We have moved products across the country and worked with almost every industry. Trucking has changed throughout our 65 years, but our three core values, Honesty, Integrity, and Service, have remained. 

Our Goal

Our goal is to give our customers great service and treat their products like ours. We partnered with McLeod Software on December 15, 1993, because we believed that their trucking software helped our transportation operations run smoothly and efficiently. 

We rely heavily on McLeod software as our sole Transportation Management System to facilitate the operations of our Trucking and Logistics divisions. Our fleet delivers almost 800 loads a week, all managed by McLeod Software. Our logistics division delivers approximately 200 loads a week, all managed by McLeod Software. 

1,000,000th Load, 65th Anniversary, & 30th Anniversary with McLeod Software

On December 19, 2022, our trucking and logistics division delivered our 1,000,000th load with the guidance of McLeod Software. On July 27, 2023, we will celebrate our 65th anniversary, and on December 15, 2023, we will celebrate our 30th year of partnering with McLeod Software

We are so proud of these tremendous milestones, and we thank you, our employees, our community, and the team at McLeod Software. 

“This is a great milestone for one of the finest transportation companies in the USA. We are honored to be serving Greg Brown and his company,” said Tom McLeod, President & CEO of McLeod Software.

About BR Williams Trucking & Logistics

BR Williams, a family-owned Trucking, Warehousing, Fulfillment & Logistics Company has been serving customers since 1958. We specialize in removing the supply chain frustrations our customers have by developing custom-made solutions. We offer nationwide transportation services through our fleet and logistics division. Our multiple fulfillment and distribution warehouses in Alabama span over 1.7 million square feet. Our core values are HONESTY, INTEGRITY, SERVICE. We still serve our first customer that was established in 1958.

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