Now what? You recently got your CDL license, but every trucking job out there requires experience. How can you get experience without a job giving you that experience? You feel “ok” about driving, but wouldn’t it be great if you had a little bit more hands-on experience before hopping in a truck for a few weeks on your own? You aren’t alone. 

Have you considered a CDL Driver Finishing Program? There are many choices out there, but before starting your path, make sure you know the answers to these questions first. 

What is a Driver Finishing Program? 

A CDL Finishing Program is an entry-level position where a new driver is teamed up with an experienced and professional driver trainer on and off the road. The driver trainer will support, mentor, and train the new trainee for what it’s like on the road. 

The main topics they will cover are: 

  • All safety guidelines and tips before getting on the road. 
  • Pre-trip Inspection and Trip Planning 
  • Hours of Service and Electronic Logs 
  • Operating in Traffic 
  • Backing and Parking
  • Scaling of Loads
  • General Driving Ability

How Long Does it Last? 

BR Williams Driver Finishing Program is four weeks, but there are several out there that last from 2 weeks up to 10 weeks in addition to orientation. 

What are the Qualifications? 

  • Be at least 21 years of age (depending on the carrier’s hiring guidelines)
  • Safe Personal Driving Record 
  • No DUI/DWI or other alcohol-related convictions
  • Be able to pass a DOT Physical and Drug Exam
  • Have a certificate of completion from an accredited truck driving CDL school with 140-160 hours of coursework or ELDT certified institution

Are Finishing Programs Free, or Do you Get Paid to Attend? 

You do not have to pay to participate in a company’s driver finishing program. Most companies offer paid training, but at a lower rate than they pay experienced drivers. Other programs may ask for at least a 6-month driver obligation after completing their program. At BR Williams, we pay you our Local Fleet driver pay. We hire you immediately full time where you enjoy all full coverage benefits. 

What is the trucking company’s culture? 

Like any job, the company’s culture is essential to consider. You are with the people you work with more than your family…so choose wisely. BR Williams is committed to a corporate culture that promotes Honesty, Integrity, and Service with respect to our customers, business partners, and community. 

Good Luck! 

Take your time and find the right fit for you! If any of our team members can ever help you with anything, please feel free to Contact BR Williams!

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