Third-Party logistics services play a huge role in the economy’s progress, especially in a country as large as the United States with complex supply chains. Everything you order online reaches you through a vast network of distributors, shippers, and transporters who ensure you receive the correct item on time and in perfect condition, regardless of the distance or weather.

While the importance of third-party logistics may be a no-brainer (hello, we love our online orders delivered quickly and without damage, too), we wanted to share more about what 3PL includes and how it works for businesses

What Is 3PL?

A third-party logistics company is an outsourced option for gaining assistance in picking, packing, shipping, and storing products. 3PL logistics is the link between your manufacturing operations and moving products to your customers. When your order fulfillment operations run smoothly, your customers are happy, and your business can grow. For those who don’t work with a 3PL provider, valuable time and effort may be lost in ineffective fulfillment strategies or processes. Excellent fulfillment is a significant factor in success and scalable growth for eCommerce companies.

Before working with a third-party logistics company, it’s essential to understand what 3PL is and how it can improve your bottom line. While we’re confident 3PL can benefit most eCommerce businesses, we’re sharing more about the benefits of the services and how you can get started with a trusted provider today. 

Why Choose Third-Party Logistics Services

Predictable Costs

Predictable costs mean you eliminate surprises and can steadily grow your company. This allows you to think strategically when receiving a quote with an actual number. Unlike a traditional broker model, 3 PL providers like BR Williams establish costs upfront and honor their commitments.

Fewer Unknowns

The date and time of your delivery won’t be a mystery when you work with a 3PL provider that keeps you informed. You become empowered to better serve your customers with fewer assumptions and more reliable data by giving you facts and figures. 

Less Downstream Interruptions

Working with a 3PL provider means having tighter planning schedules downstream since traditional broker games get avoided… As a result, your product will arrive at the right time and place without fail. 

Happier Customers

The results? Happier customers who keep coming back for more. Really! You can better serve and engage with your customers when you work with a reliable partner like BR Williams.

Remember that more than a supplier, the logistics company you partner with may make or break your customer satisfaction and your business’ profitability and competitiveness. Be sure to research when considering a partner for your business and products. 

A Partner You Can Trust 

BR Williams’ third-party logistic (3PL) services are unique because of our scalable technology and commitment to staying on the cutting edge.

We have all the tools of larger 3PL service providers, plus the customer service passion of a family-owned company.

We do not operate with a traditional logistics brokerage business model: Most logistics companies advertise loads to as many carriers as possible and then take the cheapest truck on any given day. Instead, we build relationships with like-minded, high-performing contract carriers that fit our clients’ needs like a glove.

As an extension of BR Williams, our Logistics Division offers flexible capacity as a 3PL company.

  • Load portal
  • GPS tracking
  • Access to all of BR Williams transportation, trucking, and warehousing services
  • Quickly print or email your bill of lading (BOL)
  • Status notifications and exception reporting
  • Drop trailers
  • Personalized customer service
  • Expert logisticians (over 100 years of experience!)

BR Williams tailors our solutions to meet logistics and transportation demands. 

The BR Williams Difference

At BR Williams, we take certifications and credentials seriously for our brokers. We proudly work with Certified Transportation Brokers. The Certified Transportation Broker (CTB) Program offers transportation & freight brokerage professionals the highest broker certification in the industry. 

Since the start of our 3PL division in 2010, we have moved around 10,000 loads a year. Our logistics team moved their first shipment on June 3, 2010, and has moved over 68,810 shipments to date! Our brokerage is ISO 9001:2015 Quality System Registered, and our credit score is 97 with Ansonia.

Our current clients love working with us; we know you will, too! You can read reviews from existing businesses we serve here or leave a review if you work with us here. Our carrier number is MC# 1156283. 

Will Your Business Benefit From Third-Party Logistics?

In-house fulfillment can be a cumbersome process to manage and very expensive to run. But with outsourced fulfillment services that you trust, your eCommerce business can grow. A third-party fulfillment service may not be needed for small eCommerce businesses and online shops. But for most growing eCommerce companies, these services will be a massive asset to your business, especially as you continue to scale. 

Engage In 3PL Services With BR Williams

Outsourcing your fulfillment is a great way to increase your capacity and reach new customers. With these services, you don’t need to bring on new employees, but you can accomplish more and put your focus where it’s really needed. Your 3PL warehouse professionals can bring your fulfillment operations to a higher level – and BR Williams is a wonderful partner to do so with. 

Say goodbye to challenges for logistics managers and hello to higher customer satisfaction rates and supply chain visibility. 

Start growing your business today

The right 3PL company can help you streamline your processes and allow you to spend more resources on your business growth. BR Williams is here to help. 

Find out more about our third-party logistics services, and request a FREE, no-obligation quote today to see how BR Williams may be the right company to help you grow and reach your goals.

About BR Williams Trucking & Logistics

BR Williams, a family-owned Trucking, Warehousing, Fulfillment & Logistics Company has been serving customers since 1958. We specialize in removing the supply chain frustrations our customers have by developing custom-made solutions. We offer nationwide transportation services through our fleet and logistics division. Our multiple fulfillment and distribution warehouses in Alabama span over 1.7 million square feet. Our core values are HONESTY, INTEGRITY, SERVICE. We still serve our first customer that was established in 1958.

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