The market for temperature-controlled transportation and storage of perishable products is growing, and businesses need a solution to protect these valuable goods. It’s essential to understand the risks that can affect perishable goods and how to partner with a transportation provider that ensures your items are correctly protected. 

While liquids are particularly vulnerable to freezing, other products can also get damaged without the proper precautions in place to protect them during various modes of transportation. This can result in marred products, which can translate to severe costs for shippers. Finding the right logistics partner with freeze protection services can help ensure your products are properly protected. Learn more about the problem faced by manufacturers and distributors of products that can be damaged by sub-freezing temperatures and how existing solutions fall short in cost, efficiency, and effectiveness.

What is Freeze Protection in Transportation?

Freeze protection in transportation refers to the measures taken to protect goods from damage caused by freezing during transport. Freeze damage occurs when goods are exposed to temperatures below their freezing point, which can cause the formation of ice crystals that can damage the product’s structure. It can occur in various products when poor temperature control occurs, from fresh produce and pharmaceuticals to chemicals, electronics, and paints.

Typically to prevent freeze damage during transport, a TCU (Temperature Controlled Unit) is used that has specialized equipment, including insulation, heating, and temperature monitoring systems. This option is very expensive and will certainly hurt your bottom line, but sometimes it is necessary. The specific risks and consequences of freeze damage can vary depending on the nature of the product and its composition. Manufacturers, shippers, and consumers must be aware of these risks and take appropriate measures to prevent exposure to freezing temperatures during transportation, storage, or usage.

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The BR Williams Advantage

BR Williams first encountered freeze damage issues in 2012 and built a program implemented in 2013. Crafting and refining through the years, the current version of the program has been in place since 2016 and offers solutions to common challenges in the transportation of goods that can freeze. With the current system-supported program and multiple fail-safe redundancies, BR Williams has arranged over 10,000 truckloads with a 100% success rate. 

BR Williams Protect from Freeze Program has never lost a load to thermal damage. This program combines tried and true products and protocols with the legendary BR Williams customer service that has kept us in business since 1958, still serving our very first customer!

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Protect your goods with the right freeze protection services

Freeze protection services are critical for the transportation industry, and at BR Williams, we are committed to providing high-quality freeze protection services to businesses across a range of industries. By working with us, you can ensure that your goods are transported safely and efficiently, reducing the risk of financial losses and regulatory penalties. 

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