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BR Williams is a 60-year-old company specializing in TruckingWarehousing, and Logistics Services. Founded in 1958, Bill and Ruth started their local, family-owned trucking company in Oxford, Alabama.

Built on three simple themes: Honesty, Integrity, and Service (H.I.S.), BR Williams trucking has become a leader in the transportation industry. The company that began as one man, one truck and one dream has grown to a fleet of 165 satellite-equipped tractors and 625 air-ride van trailers, servicing the 48 contiguous states and Canada.

Executive Summary

In need of creative solutions from a logistics partner, one of the top American chemical companies approached BR Williams. Despite a narrow scope of requirements, BR Williams presented definitive data to demonstrate the success of the solution and alleviate the company’s concerns. The result was so effective that the company implemented it on a global scale to best meet their needs.


The cold winter months brought a chilling logistics problem for one of the top American chemical companies. The primary product they produced faced cold intolerance yet was uninfluenced by hot temperatures. Extreme cold temperatures caused permanent damage to their product, rendering it useless. The dilemma required the company to partner with year-round, temperature-controlled capacity to transport the product. This refrigerated shipping method costs significantly more than the standard 53-foot dry van capacity. The company was overpaying for a service they only needed for a few months per year.

How BR Williams Helped

BR Williams presented a viable solution to the company’s cold weather predicament: reusable thermal cargo blankets, manufactured by Astro-Cooler. After vetting several alternatives that were not a fit, BR Williams reached out to a company that provided “protect-from-freeze” solutions for the wine industry whose wine would often freeze in transit while traversing the Rocky Mountains.

BR Williams hypothesized that if the solutions worked for this much longer, much colder scenario, it would be more than sufficient for their client’s needs. During the presentation, BR Williams demonstrated a series of temperature recording studies. The studies indicated the blankets’ high performance in a variety of extreme situations and durations to show their effectiveness.

To further illustrate the advantages of the blankets, BR Williams showed videos of the proper deployment process. BR Williams thoroughly explained the process, including all circumstances for using or not using the blankets.

To cover all the bases, BR Williams vetted alternative solutions. The company could continue to secure refrigerated carriers year-round and pay for the refrigeration premium even when it wasn’t needed. They could also make use of a 53-foot dry, unrefrigerated van carrier during the warm months and a refrigerated carrier during the cold months.

However, this method wouldn’t work for typical carriers who require a consistent schedule to dedicate equipment. The latter method would expose the client to the more volatile spot market and less consistent access to general capacity.

In the end, the adoption of thermal cargo blankets allowed the company to partner with 53-foot dry van capacity year-round. The solution protected their product, saved them money, and significantly reduced their carbon footprint without leaving them vulnerable to spot-market volatility. 

Results, Return on Investment and Future Plans

As their third-party logistics service provider, BR Williams exceeded the client’s expectations by presenting them with the data to make an informed decision and alleviate any and all concerns. The choice to use 53-foot dry van capacity coupled with thermal cargo blankets, over refrigerated capacity, quickly became a no-brainer.

The client was able to save money by avoiding unnecessary yearly costs. They also eliminated the need for refrigerated units powered by diesel fuel, reducing their carbon footprint. The customer was so pleased with the outcome, they adopted the logistics solution globally across their fleet. Using cargo blankets across the board, allowed them to solve their direct needs and maintain consistent capacity.

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