Financial times are challenging for most businesses in today’s economic landscape. Business owners and managers are facing difficult decisions concerning where to cut spending while trying to maintain the same quality and service levels that their customers expect – or better. Saving your precious time, money, and resources is necessary, but how do you know where to make the suitable adjustments?

Outsourcing to a third-party logistics company for transportation services can be a viable solution for business savings. Not only can you see this switch impacting your bottom line, but you can save your employees time and resources spent in-house managing these processes.

Benefits of 3PL Transportation Services

Outsourcing logistics through a third-party transportation services provider has become a common practice. Today, 73% of shippers report outsourcing their domestic transportation – for a good reason.

It’s a popular choice because there are many benefits to working with the right logistics provider. A customer-focused 3PL partner can take daily logistics to-dos off your plate, add efficiencies, solve problems, and save you money. When you outsource these services that currently require in-house efforts, you free up your employees and staff to focus on other aspects of the business.

Save Time

Transportation can be time-consuming if you don’t have the right systems in place. Removing yourself or your colleagues from the minutiae of day-to-day transportation oversight can also help your logistics function grow alongside your business.

A reliable, experienced 3PL logistics partner may implement the following, saving your business time:

  • Appointment scheduling for pickup and delivery
  • Carrier selection
  • Transparent, streamlined driver and facility communication
  • Order tracking and freight visibility
  • Multiple port locations for quick delivery times
  • Freight transportation

Save Money

While time is money, the cost of services, products, and resources also plays directly into your bottom line. We know that hard costs don’t just go away when you outsource—finding a cost-effective partner while contributing to increased revenue for your business is vital.

The supply chain isn’t your company’s main focus or expertise but is for 3PL companies. As experts, 3PL providers understand how to run logistics for businesses of all kinds effectively. When you outsource your supply chain to a reliable partner, a 3PL will save your company money through:

Like many services, letting the experts do what the experts do best streamlines operations and allow talented individuals to ‘stay in their lane.’

Save Resources

Managing inventory, shipping products, and all of the resources that go along with that can be a challenge. These responsibilities are a lot to keep up with, and they often pull you away from other important priorities. As a business owner, we know you have other things to focus on, and working with a 3PL provider can free up these costly areas.

Logistics providers also specialize in storing goods, shipping products, and managing the supply chain. This means that you no longer need to worry about getting your products from point A to your customers – in a timely, reliable manner. Not only does this mean your 3PL partner can ensure your customers get what they want – quickly and without damage – but you can also focus on other aspects of your business.

Bonus Savings

Aside from the time and money savings, choosing a one-stop shop logistics provider can relieve you from the stresses that go along with managing contact lists and invoices. Enjoy peace of mind by partnering with a logistics provider that checks all of your boxes.

Partnering with a provider like the experts at BR Williams also means you experience:

  • Predictable costs
  • Fewer unknowns or emergencies
  • Less downstream interruptions
  • Happier customers (increase customer experience and customer satisfaction)

Our third-party logistic (3PL) services are unique because of our scalable technology and commitment to staying on the cutting edge. We have all the tools of larger 3PL service providers, plus the customer service passion of a family-owned company – a desirable setup for many of our clients.

Don’t Just Save but Gain

One of the most significant benefits of a 3PL is that they have access to resources you can leverage as one of its customers. Their economies of scale and existing connections pay off for you without the need to invest years or decades into building up your own network.

You get better supply lines and all the benefits of working with your logistics partner practically overnight. Save in the areas you want to cut back but don’t forget about the many gains your business will experience, too.

Start streamlining your business operations today

If you’re seeking a logistics partner to save your business time, money, and more, BR Williams offers a variety of logistics and shipping services that cater to various industries and customers’ needs.

As an ISO 9001:2015 Quality System Registered broker with a credit score of 97 with Ansonia, our reputation speaks for itself. Allow our experts to be your experts.

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