6 Reasons Why a Company Would Need an Alabama-Based 3PL Provider

There are tons of reasons why a company might be looking for a 3PL service provider in the United States. These reasons range from breaking in to the complex third-party logistics (3PL) industry for the first time, to needing a quote because your current 3PL provider isn’t delivering up to par. No matter the reason, BR Williams is prepared to help find a 3PL solution for your company.

6 reasons why a company might consider finding a USA-based 3PL provider today:

1. Shipping and Supplying Products for the First Time

Companies that have recently started ecommerce business in Alabama have probably thought about warehousing, shipping and fulfillment. For owners of these companies, considering fulfilling orders in-house and distributing them without outside help seems complicated and difficult to manage. That’s because managing a supply chain isn’t easy, but that doesn’t mean it has to be difficult either.

With the help of a 3PL provider in Alabama your warehousing, assembly, packing, distributing, reporting, waste management, fleet and warehouse maintenance, and more, is taken care of for you.

2. Breaking in to the Alabama 3PL Market from Surrounding Areas

If your company is currently supplying out of, or specifically to, another state and would like to expand distribution to Alabama it is time to start searching for a 3PL provider that can assist in the warehousing and distribution of those products.

If your company is currently doing business in surrounding areas, such as: Rome, GA; Columbus, OH; Chicago, IL; Raleigh or Durham, NC; or Newark, NJ you may want to consider working with a 3PL provider in Alabama to gain better control of your products.

3. Not Happy with Current Alabama 3PL Provider

If you’re currently using a 3PL provider in Alabama or surrounding areas and are unhappy with the services provided to you, speak to other 3PL providers in the area to see what competitive solutions they can offer.

Your 3PL provider should provide high quality service, keep promises, accept tendered shipments, offer the best technology, make minimal mistakes, and finally, be large enough to handle potential growth but small enough to understand and appreciate your specific account.

4. OEMs and Tier One Suppliers Looking to Expand Services

Original equipment manufacturers (OEM’s) and their tier one suppliers must work with 3PL providers to help manage their complex supply chains. Certain industries rely on 3PL providers more than others due to the tight control they must obtain over materials and shipment.

These industries include manufacturers of automotive parts, products for government defense, infrastructure contracting, chemicals, specialty raw materials, aerospace supplies and medical devices, who rely on 3PL providers to consistently deliver their non-damaged products, on time.

5. Considering the Procurement Process

Companies reconsidering their current procurement process, or creating it for the first time, should reach out to their 3PL provider, or others, for input.

Think of procurement as supply chain management on steroids. Supply chain management refers to specific manufacturing and distribution, and stops when the company is no longer in possession of the goods. Procurement, on the other hand, is management of the entire process of delivering goods, all the way to helping fulfill business goals.

Procurement deals with raw materials, components of manufacturing, staff and fleet, 3PL providers, warehousing, packing, distribution, waste-management and the cost associated with each. Consulting with a knowledgeable 3PL provider in your area, and comparing solutions and costs, is the best way to create a plan that works best for your company.

6. Looking for a New Quote from a 3PL Provider

If your company already has procurement managed and decided, and you simply need a quote, reach out to a 3PL provider for supply chain solutions that fit your needs and a projected cost.

For a full quote, be sure to have the following information ready: company needs, pickup and delivery locations, size and weight, handling requirements, timing, and administrative and reporting requirements.

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