BR Williams recently announced its list of the top contract carriers for 2020. The company believes that these carriers are among the best in the industry. All 12 have matched or exceeded the company’s set criteria. The list of the top 12 carriers are as follows:

“We have among the highest carrier qualifications in the industry,” said BR Williams Chairman/CEO Greg Brown. “Every carrier is approved by a TIA-certified transportation broker. Our contract carrier’s safety records are updated via API nightly. If they fall below our safety thresholds, our TMS system does not allow them to be dispatched on a load.”

Strategic partnerships are one of the ways BR Williams has launched itself to success. For each lane it services, it finds 2–4 contract carriers to partner with. CEO Greg Brown believes that by finding like-minded carriers, they can create consistency. This allows the company to maintain the highest quality of service. They based their reviews of these carriers on the following criteria:

  • On-Time Performance
  • Communication
  • Commitment
  • Volume
  • Integrity
  • Safety
  • Billing Accuracy/Timeliness

“Great carriers are safe and dependable. They treat our customers and employees with courtesy and respect,” Brown added. “We prefer to partner on consistent business rather than chasing spot market loads. Together, we keep the supply chain of our customers flowing without interruption and far less rate volatility.”

The company continues to grow and expects an influx of business as the world transitions to a more optimistic outlook in 2021.

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