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Automotive Warehousing & Distribution Services

We have the space to help you manage your product packaging, sequencing, sorting, kitting, shipping and so much more.

Running out of space? Struggling to manage your inventory & fulfillment?

BR Williams is uniquely set up to service automotive suppliers in the Southeast region. We have nearly 2,000,000 square feet of warehouse space and our locations are strategically located  to meet the needs of our customers. We know that automotive manufacturing facilities and automotive industry suppliers across the country require lots of warehouse space to store product and parts until they are needed for production or distribution. We have the space and provide the inventory management services you need. Whether it’s as simple as providing storage and distribution services or more advanced needs including packaging, procurement, sequencing, sorting, or kitting, we have the resources.


Piedmont, AL Distribution Transportation Logistics Services | BR Williams

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Warehouse, Distribution & Inventory Management Services for the Automotive Industry

Automotive Services Warehouse and Inventory Management | Piedmont, AL | BR Williams Trucking
  • Client Specified Kitting
  • Program Management
  • End to End Logistics
  • Order Fullfillment
  • Dock Doors/Drive in Bays
  • Stretch Wrap and Scales
  • Cross Docking
  • RF Capabilities
  • Customized Software
  • Leased Space
  • Document Management

Key Features of Our Automotive Industry Services & Facilities

  • Packaging: At our facilities we are able to prepare goods for shipment by use of packaging materials such as boxes, bags or shrink wrap—all to exact customer specifications.
  • Procurement: We are able to aquire goods and services our customers require. [need more info on what this includes]
  • Sequencing: Many of our customers need to receive items in a certain order or sequence. We can load shipping containers in the order you specify so when they are received the product is ready to use immediately.
  • Sorting: Our facility can organize your pallets or containers of mixed goods by your method of items or groups for inventory control or shipping.
  • Kitting: BR Williams can even group items together to store or ship as a single unit or kit.

Warehouse space comes at a premium today.

When you are in the business of manufacturing and assembling parts for the automotive industry the investment and time it takes to manage product, inventory, shipping, tracking and delivery can be huge. BR Williams has the space and have worked to streamline our facilities to best organize and manage your inventory to save you time and allow you to focus on your core business. We can help you grow your business without having to build or lease additional space.

Warehouse Space: We have several warehouses in the southeast and we can easily accommodate your specific inventory requirements.

Inventory Tracking: Our WMS can track parts down to the serial number.

Inventory Management: Typically we will use a FIFO (first in first out) inventory stock rotation method, but we can adjust to your preferred stock rotation method such as by lot number, receipt date, etc.

Part Inspections: With proper training and guidelines we can provide inventory inspection services and even do light repairs if required.

Tier 1 Automotive Supplier Case Study

“As Director of Logistics for a large automotive concern, logistics issues are normal daily events, but when a container of new machinery arriving at the Port of Mobile was accidentally dumped on the terminal yard, a whole set of unfamiliar problems arrived on my desk. Although I wasn’t an existing customer, the team at BR Williams treated our organization like we may well have been their only customer! With white-glove attention to detail, BR Williams coordinated cranes, assisted with recovery of the damaged goods from port, provided drayage services, trans-loaded and warehoused the damaged goods, hosted the salvage surveyors, trans-loaded the good materials to previously contracted carriers—essentially acted as our 3PL working well beyond normal business hours to help make a bad situation better. They earned my professional respect in just a few short days and can rest assured that they have earned a spot in my book of trusted suppliers of quality logistics services. Kudos!”

Automotive Services Warehouse and Inventory Management | Piedmont, AL | BR Williams Trucking

About BR Williams

BR Williams is a complete supply chain service provider. We began our trucking division in 1958 and expanded into warehousing/distribution in 1992. We now have six distribution centers located across Southeast United States. We provide top notch truckload service, transportation, distribution, and logistics services.

With locations in Anniston, Oxford, Piedmont, Eastaboga, Tallahassee, and Mobile, B.R. Williams’ distribution network supports over 50 customers and another 2,500 in the Trucking and Logistics divisions. The industries we serve include: automotive, defense, home improvement, education, food raw materials, textiles, chemical, industrial packaging, metals (finished goods), highway safety and more. We are held to highest level of standard under the 9001:2015 Quality System Registration and are constantly improving and streamlining our policies and procedures. Learn more by contacting us today.

“Federal Mogul started using BR Williams Trucking services when our Jacksonville plant opened in 1975. When they breached into warehousing in 1994, we became a customer because of their integrity and dependability. I have worked with many logistics companies and I can say that I experience nothing but SUPERIOR SERVICE from the entire team at BR Williams”


Partner since 1971, Federal Mogul

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is BR Williams asset based or non-asset?
We are asset based with our own trucks and warehouse space.
How much cargo liability insurance do you have?
BR Williams carries up to $500,000 in liability insurance.
What kind of equipment do you have?
BR Williams is a dry van only fleet, but we do move flatbeds everyday with our contract partner carriers (Logistics Division).
Do you have cold storage?
No. We do not currently have cold storage in our Mobile, AL Distribution Center.
Do you have load tracking?
Yes. Our customers can easily track their shipments on our website.
Are you a bonded warehouse?
No. BR Williams is not a bonded warehouse.
Can I view my warehouse inventory online?
Yes. Our customers can access their inventory by logging into our WMS Portal on our website.

BR Williams Locations

Anniston West Distribution Center
Anniston East Distribution Center
Mobile Distribution Center
Piedmont Distribution Center
Eastaboga Distribution Center
Tallahassee Distribution Center
BR Williams Corporate Office

Mobile Alabama Distribution Center

BR Williams

Anniston West Distribution Center

Piedmont Distribution Center

Anniston East Distribution Center

Eastaboga Distribution Center

BR Williams Corporate Office

Tallahassee Distribution Center

“What you and your team is remarkable. I truly enjoy coming down to do our yearly inventory. Your facility is always very well organized and clean in a professional way. I have been to other facilities but none can compare to what you do. Your folks are always on top of things and when you ask them where things are they are able to take you right to where we need to be. This to me says a lot about you and how you run your operation, a true professional!”

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