Million Mile Club

The Million Mile Club includes those drivers that have driven over 1,000,000 miles without a preventable accident with a cost over $200.00.

Andy Sankey
Hubert Horton
Robert Chandler
Yank Connell
Paul Smith
Ken Garrett
James Smith
Larry Rust
Claude White
Wallace Morgan
Donald Hicks
Waffern Moody
Charles Webb
Marlis Kitchens
John Nelson
Mike Sheffield
Gerald Roden
Robert Parris
Jimmy Wilson
JamesDuncan                                            Jon Ellison
Jamie Holt
James Knouse
Bryan Moore

Million Mile Club

20,000 Hour Club

ISO 9001:2008
BR Williams Trucking, Inc.
Quality Policy
The core of BR Williams Trucking, Inc. is that of honesty and integrity along with the level of service that our customers expect. Through open communication with our customer and employees we build a strong working relationship. If we make a commitment, we live up to the commitment. We give our customers service in an efficient, safe and consistent manner by striving to reach our objective.

Our current objective is to provide our customers service by continuing and enhancing a Quality System with ISO Certification and by increasing our equipment utilization.

BR Williams Trucking, Inc. is committed to continually improving our processes and procedures to ensure continued improvement to our customers under the direction and use of the standards in ISO 9001:2008.