The benefits of drayage can bring a lot to the table. Drayage serves as a critical link between ocean container shipping and the distribution networks getting your goods to market. While drayage services are typically completed in a single work shift, the short distance your freight travels matters. Incorporating drayage services into your logistics process by working with a third-party can give your business a leg up on your competition:

Cost Savings

One of the most significant benefits of drayage comes down to the almighty dollar. Transporting freight short distances can be much cheaper as far as time and money go. Container rentals and chassis can be expensive. On top of that, the Port of Mobile often has limited drayage capacity. When working with a third-party logistics (3PL) provider, you limit the providers you need. A 3PL like BR Williams is uniquely positioned to seek out other opportunities to find soft cost savings.


Ports can be busy, congested places, and it doesn’t always make sense to maintain a presence on site. By utilizing drayage to move freight to off-site warehouses, your business operations can continue without the concern of choking traffic. When you opt for drayage, you avoid containers sitting at docks for long periods where space may be lacking. Instead, utilizing a 3PL with access to a local distribution center and warehouse can keep your business running smoothly.


Working with a 3PL with sophisticated warehouse management systems (WMS) reduces the handling of cargo. Still, it improves safety, fosters faster transportation, more control, and minimizes damage and loss. Plus, a third-party provider has personnel specially trained to handle your cargo safely. As federal safety rules and regulations change and increase in strictness, a 3PL has the expertise and experience to adapt and ensure your products are safe and secure. With BR Williams, every driver picking up and delivering your freight cares for it like it’s their own.


Incorporating a 3PL in your drayage services can bring more visibility to your supply chain. By pairing a quality, WMS portal with custom management solutions allows all units or parts to be entered and tracked as they arrive and get shipped from a local facility. A tracking portal gives you access to tracking information on all loads and essential documents when you need them.

When you pair the benefits of intermodal drayage with a quality 3PL provider, the sky’s the limit. Once a container arrives at the Port of Mobile, you should rest assured it can be securely drayed to a local distribution center and warehouse without extra costs popping up. If you’re looking for a reliable, strategic logistics partner, contact BR Williams to uncover the cost-effective solutions for your company’s drayage services and other logistics needs.

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