Mobile, Alabama may not be the first place you think of for your business’s next distribution center, but the Yellowhammer State may surprise you. The benefits of working with a third-party distribution center and logistics provider in Mobile, Alabama are vast.

Not only can a third-party provider improve efficiencies, cut costs, and provide new technology, but Alabama possesses a robust infrastructure, a central location in the Southeast, and a quality workforce. The benefits make the region an excellent choice for a company interested in growing its reach in the South. 

Strong Infrastructure

Shipping products anywhere in the world from Alabama is only becoming easier. The state is one of the fastest-growing regions in the U.S. Alabama boasts six interstates with a total of 1,060 miles, five Class I railways composed of over 2,000 miles of tracks, and the ninth-largest seaport in the U.S., Port of Mobile, with 4,000 acres of the port.

Also, Alabama is home to one of the top U.S. airports for international cargo, as well as 90 public airports. With competitive costs and the ability to ship products in a short time frame, Alabama has a reliable infrastructure to support your product’s distribution.

Central Location

Alabama boasts varied geography, unlike many other states. Its beautiful mountains, valleys, beaches, and riverbanks make it a prime hub for distribution and transportation. Operating a distribution center in Alabama allows your business to service the entire southeast region and beyond.

Half of the U.S. population is one day’s driving distance away, making Alabama a significant center of commerce in the U.S. Alabama’s location in the South and Gulf Coast gives it prime access to national and international markets. 

Quality Workforce

Alabama is full of hard workers and dedicated employees who are resourceful and always willing to get the job done. The 23rd most populous state in the U.S. received support from respected colleges and universities, well-known health centers, and an affordable housing market.

Culturally diverse and adaptable, an Alabamian intermodal and distribution team is an asset. A workforce committed to providing the highest standard of customer service will strengthen and expedite your business’s logistics supply chain.

Paired with its unique location in the U.S. and the ability to create efficient operations, a Mobile, Alabama warehousing and distribution center in Alabama can significantly impact your business.

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