Truck Driver Appreciation Week | September 8-14, 2019

BR Williams Truck Drivers

BR Williams was founded by a man that loved the trucking industry. He loved the way the trucks supplied his community, state, and country, and he believed that the industry would only grow with each passing year. 61 years later…we can all say that he was right. Trucks, and the drivers that operate them, are what moves America.

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Our country thrives because of the transportation industry, and at BR Williams, we’re not only proud but also honored to contribute to the amazing world of trucking. We appreciate the men and women that choose to get behind the wheel of a powerful driving machine and deliver goods safely around our country.

“National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, September 8-14, 2019, is when America takes the time to honor all professional truck drivers for their hard work and commitment in tackling one of our economy’s most demanding and important jobs. These 3.5 million professional men and women not only deliver our goods safely, securely, and on time, they also keep our highways safe.”

American Trucking Association

We love celebrating Truck Driver Appreciation Week  

“I Can’t tell you How Proud of Our Industry I am for joining together for Driver Appreciation Week to Show Our Nations Fleet of Drivers How Important they are to Our Country.  And without their sacrifices, as drivers to be away from their Families and Homes for many days out of the year to earn a Living. I don’t think our nation understand just how hard it is to get in a truck and drive on the congested Highways of today and the regulation constraints they have to deal with daily. The Old Saying Still Works Today, IF YOU HAVE IT A TRUCK BROUGHT IT TO YOUR TOWN. So, Thank You B.R. Williams Drivers, I Appreciate What You Do For My Family.”

Jack Brim, Vice President of Transportation Operations  
James Duncan BR Williams Driver
James Duncan currently has the most safe miles of any of our drivers at over 2.5 million.

Our first driver that BR Williams hired was Paul Smith in 1965. Paul holds the record of our longest employee; he gave 49 years to BR Williams and the industry.

We currently have 42 drivers that have been with us for over 10 years, and our average service period is 11 years. We currently have 128 drivers and 18 of them are million-mile drivers (they have over 1,000,000 safe miles).

Not only does BR Williams believe in supporting the driver but we also believe in supporting the industry, and that’s why we choose to follow the guidelines to be a certified SmartWay Carrier and are active members of the Alabama Trucking Association, etc.  

“We at B. R. Williams attempt to love on our drivers all through the year, however having a National Truck Driver Appreciation Week gets us all very focused on how much our drivers mean to our B. R. Williams Family, but also, how important they are to our National Commerce and economy.  They provide an irreplaceable service in delivering everything we eat, wear, drive in, etc.  If you have it in your possession, a truck brought it!  Thank you, BR Williams drivers. We love and appreciate you!”

Greg Brown, BR Williams CEO

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