Connie Dotson, one of 19 female drivers at BR Williams, is the first woman to reach a milestone of driving one million accident-free miles for the company.

The impressive “Million Mile Club” at BR Williams recognizes all drivers who have driven over one million accident-free miles for the company with a mini-ceremony, eagle statuette, a certificate, clothing, and monetary compensation for their loyalty and hard work.

While driving a million miles on its own is impressive, it’s Dotson’s dedication to safety and remaining accident-free that BR Williams feels is worth rewarding and showcasing.

“Safety has always been a priority for BR Williams and we are always looking for ways to make our fleet one of the safest fleets in the country,” said Allan Hicks, Vice President of Safety.

“Connie has been a safe driver since the day we hired her, many years ago. Her positive attitude toward safety is shown by her commitment to reach this milestone in her driving career.”

Until this year, coincidentally, every recipient of this award at BR Williams was male. However, those who know the BR Williams story understand that it couldn’t be more fitting that a female driver has accomplished this milestone as well.

BR Williams was founded on the dreams of two incredible people: husband and wife BR and Ruth Williams. Both of which had the goals, drive, and intellect that would launch BR Williams from the two-truck fleet it was in 1958 to the 150+ truck fleet we see today.

“As we all know, accomplishing 1 Million miles of Accident Free driving is a tremendous feat!  With Mrs. Ruth Williams leading our company for so many years, it gives me tremendous satisfaction that BR Williams has now had our first female One Million Mile driver,” said Greg Brown, CEO at BR Williams.

“Connie is ideal to accomplish this, in that she exemplifies the values our company inherited from Mrs. Williams’ leadership. We look forward to many other female drivers following, however, Connie will always be our first! Congratulations to you Connie!”

Dotson, an employee since July 2005, works at BR Williams alongside her husband, Larry. When she’s not on the road, Larry and Connie enjoy spending time with their only son Michael at their home in Jacksonville, Alabama.

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