Leading Alabama trucking firm now enables customers to manage smaller loads on a self-service basis

Oxford, United States —BR Williams, the award-winning supply chain management company, announced today that it is expanding its Less-than-Truckload (LTL) services by offering customers use of a new portal powered by transportation management software. The customer-facing portal enables BR Williams’ customers to pull quotes and documents instantly. If they prefer, they can set up their own shipments using the software. The new arrangement lets BR Williams substantially improve its LTL rates while still handling 100% of the customer service.

“This new partnership is an upgrade for our LTL customers in every way,” said Thomas K. Bardwell, BR Williams’ VP of Logistics. “It allows BR Williams to provide our customers with a world-class experience from start to finish. From the web-based portal that facilitates quotes, cargo insurance, document retrieval, and shipment initiation and monitoring/tracking, to the fantastic rates themselves, to the second-to-none BR Williams customer service. It means much better tools, better rates, better customer service, everything better!” 

The new service and portal reflect changes in the logistics industry. As LTL evolves, BR Williams is adapting its business (see how LTL compares to our other freight shipping methods). “Our LTL-related service offerings were static for eight years,” Bardwell added. “It was time for an overhaul that improved every facet of the customer experience.” 

The new LTL offerings allow the company to put powerful tools in the hands of its customers. It allows customers to dial in their service level to be just as hands-on, or turn-key as they like, while saving money and enjoying BR Williams’ world class commitment to customer service. As Bardwell noted, “Our core guiding principles are ‘Honesty, Integrity and Service.’ All 300 of our employees know this, and live this.”

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