If we look to the future, using advanced technologies that adapt to changes in the marketplace can optimize your supply chain. Implementing technology without the insight of industry experts has led some supply chain managers down many expensive dead ends, often creating as many problems as they solved. However, you can learn from the mistakes of your predecessors and benefit from our expertise, and to stay competitive, technology should be the top thing you look for when selecting a 3PL partner.

Forward-thinking companies collect data at every opportunity, including details about raw materials to the location of finished goods. Here are six ways technology can improve the distribution of goods for your company.

1. Automate Your Most Tiresome Tasks

You likely already use various digital tools in your day-to-day operations. You can take your business to the next level by using dynamic business processes or bots to automate these tools. This concept of hyper-automation allows you to use the platforms you’ve already invested in and implement newly developed tools that eliminate repetitive tasks. For example, BR Williams employs a highly functional warehouse management system (WMS) to make receipt or load appointments in advance, reserve docks, doors, and staging areas, and offer other real-time data capabilities to customers.

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2. Increase Transparency with Online Inventory

Implementing online inventory software allows you to track raw materials, parts, components, and finished goods from one destination to the next. Not only do you improve transparency in your supply chain, but you can also optimize inventory levels across the warehouse supply chain. At BR Williams, customers can view their entire inventory stored at our facility at any time online. We consistently receive over 99% inventory accuracy. When you continue to invest and evolve your inventory systems, you can accurately forecast customer demand in the future.

3. Reduce Errors with Order Visibility

Tracking down where your products are during shipping shouldn’t be complicated. Using cutting-edge technology can dramatically increase accuracy in the order fulfillment process and optimize your supply chain. You never lose track of your items with 100%, 24/7 real-time visibility when you use the robust warehouse management systems at BR Williams. You’ll receive on-time delivery data, updates on service failures, damages, and more. The system displays detailed data like the number of pallets handled, pieces packaged, deliveries completed, the number of transactions, and labor hours related to your products’ handling. We treat your product and your brand reputation as our own through every step of the process.

4. Go Paperless and Leverage EDI

What is the sense of having all the data if you don’t use it or analyze it? Going paperless in your warehouse is something that makes sense, but it can be overwhelming to tackle all at once. We recommend biting off small pieces and setting deadlines to establish accountability. In fact, BR Williams offers electronic data interchange (EDI) capabilities, allowing customers to exchange paper-based information over a secure electronic platform. It standardizes the information you exchange and can dramatically eliminate manual steps in business communications. After all, your information is only as good as how you put it to use.

5. Adopt Cloud-Based Warehousing Systems

When you’re on the road or receive an urgent after-hours request, a cloud-based warehouse management system can genuinely prove its worth. Your key personnel can access information with any device from any location. Whether the client, the warehouse, or the shipping company needs to communicate information, you can all check the product and delivery status information in real-time. With advanced analytics, you can Monitor assets through the logistics journey to eliminate misplaced inventory or lost shipments, reducing risk and revenue loss.

6. Work With an Advanced 3PL Service Provider

As a third-party supply chain provider with warehousing services, transport, and other logistics support, BR Williams manages all elements of freight movement from manufacturers to distribution centers or retailers, so you don’t have to. At BR Williams, we offer over 100 pre-built integrations with the most popular platforms, marketplaces, and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. We invest in advanced technology and train our teams to store and take care of your products. A valued 3PL can transform your current complicated trucking, warehousing, logistics, and fulfillment systems into a simple, predictable, and streamlined solution.

Technology is the bright shiny object of the moment. Still, it needs to solve a business problem or deliver a new opportunity for your company at the end of the day. When you invest in solid technology for your company, you can optimize your supply chain, and experience the joy of on-time deliveries, increased brand loyalty, and happy customers. Want to stand out from your competition? Contact BR Williams today to use our third-party logistics order fulfillment services and start adding value to your supply chain.

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