BR Williams has been awarded the 2021 “Top Companies for Women to Work for in Transportation” by Redefining the Road, the official magazine of Women in Trucking (WIT).

BR Williams, a leading provider of trucking, fulfillment, and logistics services in the United States, was awarded the “2021 Top Companies for Women to Work For in Transportation” by Redefining the Road, the official magazine of Women in Trucking (WIT). The award recognizes BR Williams’ “corporate culture that’s supportive of gender diversity, flexibility in hours and work requirements to accommodate family and life balance, competitive compensation and benefits, training and continued professional development, and career advancement opportunities.”

BR Williams Top Transportation Company for Women

“I have worked with BR Williams for 28 years. During my early years as a mom, I had the support and understanding from BR Williams management. I was always fortunate to be able to work around my children’s school events, sickness, doctor appointments, etc. As I’ve moved to other stages of my life, they are still supportive and have given me every opportunity to grow and succeed professionally and personally.” 

Tammy Thornburg, CFO | Vice President 

Redefining the Road, the official publication of Women in Trucking (WIT), named BR Williams one of the top companies for women to work in transportation for the second year in a row. BR Williams values women in the workplace and is striving to hire top talents. The accolade is a testament to BR Williams’ commitment to devoting time and energy toward helping develop female professionals who are looking to gain valuable experience within the trucking industry. 

Women in Transportation and Fulfillment Packing Shipment

“Let’s face it, folks, we spend the majority of our “awake” hours at work. And if something is going to happen, of course, it’s going to happen while we’re at work because that’s when the go, go, go switch is flipped to the ON button. 

BR Williams embraces family and understands that things are not perfect no matter how much you try to think in advance about what could happen and have things put in place to have whatever it is taken care of so you don’t have to leave work. Not to take anything away from the men, because I’m honored to work beside some incredible decent family-oriented men, but usually, it’s the women who are running out taking care of the issue. You don’t have to go into a big, long explanation as to why you have to leave. Their response is always, “Go take care of it, hope everything goes well.” 

They don’t ask if you’re coming back, they don’t hold it over your head, and they don’t punish you because of it. Do you know what kind of a blessing that it is to work for a company like that? 

Well, I do.”

Tracy O’Neal – Maintenance Clerk
Cassaundra Raymond - BR Williams

BR Williams is committed to providing the highest level of supply chain and logistics services to their customers, providing a safe and rewarding work environment for their employees while also supporting gender diversity and promoting work-life balance. The two-time “Top Companies for Women to Work For in Transportation” award is a testament to their unwavering honesty, integrity, and exceptional service.

BR Williams 2021 Women in Transportation Group Image

“As women rise through the ranks in the transportation industry, we are excited to feature the companies that make the extra effort to attract and retain a more gender-diverse workforce,” said Ellen Voie, president, and CEO of WIT. “We applaud their efforts and this distinction is our way of giving them the recognition they deserve.”

Ellen Voie – president, and CEO of WIT

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