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Ensure Quality of Your Automotive Parts

When auto parts are shipped from the supplier, the parts are not the way the car manufacturer needs them to be in order to send them to the assembly line.

The auto parts are either not in order or are in various boxes. It’s also easy for the vehicle parts to become damaged or misplaced in transit. That’s why breaking down the pallets of auto parts (“break bulk”), sorting auto parts, and inspecting them for quality issues, is a crucial step in the automotive supply chain.

BR Williams has helped countless OEMs and Tier 1, 2, and 3 supplies ensure the quality of their auto parts – and they can help you too.  We can provide a customized solution that will help you:

  • Save time, space, and labor costs
  • Streamline the process from supplier to manufacturer
  • Ensure higher quality of auto parts
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Break Bulk

(Breaking Down Mixed Pallets of Auto Parts)

Shipping auto parts can quickly become costly, but breaking down your mixed pallets of car parts can be a significant cost saver.

With break bulk services, BR Williams will ship your automotive parts to a warehouse in FTL and then break down the product into smaller units to be shipped directly to their customers. 

The benefits of doing so include:

  • Saving on freight costs
  • Getting the material closer to the end customer
  • Combining multiple products into one shipment – usually, the outbound to the customer is shipped LTL
  • Cutting down on waste
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BR Williams employee breaking down box of auto parts

Automotive Parts Sorting

When your automotive products are received in mixed pallets from multiple suppliers, it can be time-consuming and costly to sort through all the parts.

Often times, suppliers and manufacturers don’t have space available for sorting that is close to the assembly line.

Outsourcing your sorting needs under one roof allows for a:

  • Consolidated sorting process
  • Removal of waste
  • Assurance of a higher sort quality
  • Tracking of auto parts, as well as the empty racks
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Automotive Parts Sorting - Scanning Manufactured Automotive Parts

Inspections & Quality Assurance

We understand you want to ensure the quality of all your products. That’s why we offer to do a basic visual check of your products as we sort the parts.

The parts come to the receiving department in bulk packaging, and when we remove them, we do a visual inspection for:

  • Appearance
  • Obvious defects
  • Missing parts

Once the inspection is complete and everything conforms, we put the automotive part into the shipping container or rack, and it’s delivered directly to the assembly line.

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BR Williams employee visually inspecting auto parts, checking that the parts are acceptable

Automotive Parts Sorting Services in Alabama

You no longer have to worry about the labor, equipment, time, space, or fine details. We handle them.

BR Williams saves our customers, both car manufacturers and auto parts suppliers, time and money. We help them streamline their supply chain (a one-stop shop) so they can focus on what they do best — making cars, or the parts that go on cars.

With over 20 years’ experience in the automotive logistics industry, we can customize and provide a step-by-step car parts packaging and shipping process for each stage of the supplier or OEM automotive process.

Currently, BR Williams partners with several Fortune 500 automotive manufacturers. We’re located in the prime location in the Southeast.

Find out how BR Williams can help you streamline your process today…

Contact us or request a quote.

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Automotive Receiving Department - Sorting Freight, Break Bulk, Inspections
As Director of Logistics for a tier 1 supplier, logistics issues are normal daily events, but when a container of new machinery arriving at the Port of Mobile was accidentally dumped on the terminal yard, a whole set of unfamiliar problems arrived on my desk. Although I wasn’t an existing customer, the team at BR Williams treated our organization like we may well have been their only customer! With white-glove attention to detail,

Tier 1 Automotive Supplier,

Federal Mogul started using BR Williams Trucking services when our Jacksonville plant opened in 1975. When they breached into warehousing in 1994, we became a customer because of their integrity and dependability. I have worked with many logistics companies and I can say that I experience nothing but SUPERIOR SERVICE from the entire team at BR Williams

Mickle, Partner since 1971, Federal Mogul

FAQs About Automotive Logistics

Does BR Williams offer overnight or same-day shipping?

Yes. BR Williams offers expediated shipping. 

Do you offer any cargo liability insurance?

BR Williams has $500,000 cargo liability as well as a Contingent Cargo policy. We are also able to procure high cargo value insurance riders for any amount at rates lower than many of our competitors.


Do you ship heavy or oversized loads?

Yes, through our logistics division

How does BR Williams track inventory?

We can use your inventory tracking system or our WMS (Synapse) to track inventory. We are skilled in PLEX (or similar (software).

Can you customize your process to meet my individual needs?

Yes, we provide a step by step process that is formatted just for you.

Does BR Williams offer an easy billing process?

Yes, if you use all three of our services to help manage your inventory you will receive only one bill making it easier for your accounts payable department.

Need more warehouse space?

We know that the automotive manufacturing industry requires lots of warehouse space. Request a FREE, no-obligation quote to find out if BR Williams fits your needs.

We’re Close to Auto Plants in the Southeast

BR Williams Locations Near Automotive Factories in the South

States with Automotive Manufacturing or Assembly Plants in the Southeastern USA:

Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, Georgia, Arkansas, Kentucky, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, and Missouri.

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